Meditation Course – Level Two

Wednesday July 11,

This 10-week Level Two Meditation course will be led by Master Eric Sbarge, head instructor at The Peaceful Dragon, every Wednesday night from 8-9:15pm beginning on July 11th.

Following up on the Introductory Level One course, in this course you will probe more deeply into the traditional Chan (Zen) and Taoist approaches to developing greater focus and awareness, reducing stress and worry, and boosting health and overall happiness. This course will blend both discussion and theory with actual practice.

The fee is $149 for the public, $69 for family members of current students or students not in our Mastery Program, free for all Peaceful Dragon Mastery Program students. Please register for the course ahead of time at our front counter or by calling us at (704)504-8866. Bring your meditation cushion or bench of choice, or we have some available for purchase or limited numbers that you can borrow.

NOTE: The prerequisite for this course is that you have completed our Level One Meditation course, or permission from the instructor if you already have an equivalent consistent seated-meditation practice. To request the permission of the instructor, please email describing your practice and how many months/years you have been practicing regularly.