Internationally Renowned Yogis Darby and Joanne

Yoga Workshop hosted by The Peaceful Dragon

March 16-18, 2018

To register for ALL weekend sessions

$260 public, $200 for Peaceful Dragon students

To register for individual sessions

per session $60 public, $50 for Peaceful Dragon students

Friday, March 16 6-8:30pm

Exploring the Foundation for Practice

~building up the basics~

Darby and Joanne will guide you through an exploration of a basic asana practice, with a particular focus on alignment and breathing.  You will learn how to link the asanas into a flowing sequence.  In this evening, you will: 1) learn the subtleties of the sun salutations and standing poses, 2) build a solid foundation from which to progress in practice, and 3) discover the nuances that will help you get the most out of your asana practice.


Saturday, March 17 – Intro to Pranayama Day One – TWO SESSIONS

Saturday Morning Session, 8-11am

Bandha, Drishti, Vinyasa & Core Strength

~locating dan t’ien~

Learn how to locate your locks and move into your breath to free your practice.  No stability without core!  Improve your practice through simple exercises and key asanas.  We will also explore the interdependency and contradictions of the paradoxical actions of connecting to the center and core versus reaching away from center through the limbs.

Asana Practice

~guided half-primary~

You will be guided in a continuous flow along all of the way from the opening sun salutations to navasana (boat pose).

Saturday Afternoon Session 1-4pm

Forward Bends, Side Twists and Inversions

~release, reach and lengthen~

Twists have two vital benefits: 1)they help remove stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders and 2) they tone the internal organs which supports their healthy function.  During this afternoon session, Darby and Joanne incorporate the standing and sitting twists of ashtanga into a workshop enlivening and unlocking the flexibility of the spine.  Each student will learn how to extend with alignment, protecting the lower back and finding real length through reaching.  Included in this session is an in-depth study of the innumerable benefits of properly aligned inversions such as the shoulder-stand, headstand and other arm balances.

Sunday March 18 – Intro to Pranayama Day Two – TWO SESSIONS

Sunday Morning Session 8-11am

Led Primary Series Practice with Chakra Meditation

~discover how to energize the chakras with asana and chanting~

First, we will explain the importance of each chakra and their own particular sound followed by a gentle flow of ashtanga vinyasa practice with rhythmic chanting of the bija sounds.  A chakra meditation will follow the practice and an energizing chakra chanting will conclude the session.

Sunday Afternoon Session 1-4pm

Build Back-bending Confidence

~bring your questions, injuries and sore backs~

Back-bending might stir up discomfort…if you have a sore back or back injury.  Thus, bringing your questions to Darby and Joanne is a must!  They will help you work in a step-by-step progression through key alignment points that help you practice back bends with ease and safety.  Darby and Joanne are experts in helping students build confidence while finding ways to work through common issues surrounding these poses.  There will be a focus on how to protect vulnerable areas such as the lower back, shoulders and neck.