Ashtanga Weekend with Day Christensen

Friday September 21,
through Sept 23

Register NOW for a weekend of ashtanga depth with amazing, fun and super cool Day Christensen. This weekend workshop will explore not only primary series and mysore practice, but also HOW to be a CALM LEADER in a mysore space, HOW to ADJUST a student’s body with an eye for their limits and needs and […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Nine

Friday December 14,
through Dec 16

Intro to Assisting and Adjusting Assisting and Adjusting made accessible teaches the foundation principles of how to assist students to find their stability in order to go deeper themselves into mobility. This weekend’s asana classes are closed to the public, so all regular classes will run as normal. For more information, please check out the […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Eight

Friday December 7,
through Dec 9

Intro to Sequencing Weekend Practice of putting together templates for on the mat practice using asanas like Rubik’s cubes. The Teacher Training yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday, December 8th and 9th are open to all students, 10:30am-12noon.  Saturday’s class will emphasize Balancing Asanas, and Sunday will cover Asanas and Pranayamas.  Free for Peaceful Dragon […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Seven

Friday November 9,
through Nov 11

Intro to YIN yoga and Restorative Yoga Weekend  Teaching savasana, mritta mudra, yoga nidra, asanas for energetic yoga practices and restorative yoga practices, deep stretch, Nervous System and Brain Anatomy – balancing internal with external practice, hands-on techniques for savasana. The Teacher Training yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday, November 10th and 11th are open […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Six

Friday October 26,
through Oct 28

Intro to Subtle Anatomy Weekend  Marmas, koshas, chakras, nadis, granthis, vayus and how it all ties into asana practice and development of the yogi, review and overview of basic asanas named for lifeless forms, vegetation, insects, animals, rishis, deities, putting together asana pairs for legs, arm and spine, with an emphasis on arm balancing. The […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Five

Friday October 12,
through Oct 14

Intro to Back bending Introduction to back bending. Learn how leg strength and internal bracing contributes to safe back bending and central nervous system purification, especially when paired with pranayamas, breathing practices of yoga. The Teacher Training yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday, October 13th and 14th are open to all students, 10:30am-12noon.  These classes […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Four

Friday October 5,
through Oct 7

Dr. Nevin Markel and Intro to Ashtanga Weekend  Intro to primary and intermediate series, basics of tristana, mantra, counting in Sanskrit, the 8 limb path, postures named for insects and animals, science of asana pairs, adjusting the foundations of postures, use of props for students. Students will be required to attend a minimum number of […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Three

Friday September 14,
through Sept 16

Intro to Ayurveda Weekend Elements, 20 gunas, doshas, prakriti, purusha, vrikruti, yoga diet, dincharya, ayurveda diet, samkhya philosophy, vayus, yamas/niyamas, pathways of yoga, postures named for lifeless forms, intro to chakras, intro to basic inversions. The Teacher Training yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday, September 15th and 16th are open to all students, 10:30am-12noon.  These […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Two

Friday August 31,
through Sept 2

Intro to Bhagavad Gita Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita, gunas, pathways of yoga, the caste system and the four legs of dharma.  Asana will focus on vinyasas learned in the first weekend and precise transitions between asanas, along with lifeless form asanas. The Teacher Training yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday, September 1st and 2nd […]

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend One

Friday August 24,
through Aug 26

Intro to Yoga History Weekend Karma, dharma, vinyasas of all kinds, working with gravity, stability and mobility, 3 main gunas, anatomy of a mala, basics of major yogic texts, the history of asanas, acceleration of asanas, goal of asana, mayakoshas, development of chaturanga basics. The Teacher Training yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday, August 25th […]