3 to 6 Family Class Basics

Block A:

1.Stances:Horse, bow, crane, cat, lying leg, back, box, dragon
Strikes:Horizontal fist punch low, middle, high
Kicks:Front kick (ball of foot), Side kick (hitting with heel), Back kick
Blocks:Circling blocks inward, circling blocks outward, overhead,
middle inward, middle outward, downward outward, downward inward

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Block B

2.Stances:Lean Forward and Search for the Sea, Shao ma bu
Strikes:Vertical punches high, middle, low
Kicks:Outside wheel kick, inside wheel kick
Blocks:10 Point Blocking Set
Tumbling:Forward Rolls
3.Stances:Swallow Skims the Water
Strikes:Inward chop, outward chop
Kicks:Roundhouse (instep and ball of foot), rising heel kick
Blocks:Five-star blocks
4.Stances:Stepping in 7 basic stances
Strikes:Horizontal backfist, vertical backfist
Kicks:Front-side combination, crane snap kick with instep
Blocks:Backward rolls
Tumbling:Ten point blocking set

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