7 to 12 Family Class Basics

Block A

  • Daily Warmups
  • Stances: Horse, bow, crane, cat, back dragon, box
  • 10-Point blocking system
  • Low, middle, high horizontal punches (10 point punching system)
  • Front, side, and back kicks
  • Circling blocks inward and outward
  • Dan Tian (belly) Breathing
  • Basic Shaolin kungfu definitions

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Block B

  • Vertical punches high, middle, low
  • Kicks: outside wheel, inside wheel
  • Stances: Lean Forward and Search for the Sea, Shao ma bu, Sitting Buddha
  • Shaolin breathing method in natural stance, horse stance, crane stance, and lying leg stance
  • Breakfalls: front, side, back, front rollout, kip ups
  • Forward roll
  • Weapon drills: Short sticks/nunchuks whenever Blocks C & D do weapon forms
  • Define three categories of breathing
  • Strikes: inward chop, outward chop, horizontal backfist, vertical backfist
  • Kicks: roundhouse, rising heel, hook
  • Five star blocking set
  • Stances: Swallow Skims the Water, Lying leg, Reclining Buddha
  • Weapon drills: Short sticks/nunchuks whenever Blocks C & D do weapon forms
  • Basic Chin Na for: finger, wrist, elbow
  • Basic self-defense strikes to key targets: eyes, throat, groin, knee
  • Strikes: horizontal, vertical, rolling backfists
  • Basic hand weapons: palm, willow leaf, spear
  • Basic kicks: front side combination, crane with snap kicks
  • Stepping in 7 basic stances with guard hands, strikes
  • Stance training: Three Planes, Rhino Looks Up at the Moon, Angel Looks in the Mirror, Li Kwai Pointing to the Winner
  • Weapon drills: Short sticks/nunchuks whenever Blocks C & D do weapon forms
  • Cleansing breath technique

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Block C

  • Kicks: front and side stomp kick to knee, spinning back kick, spinning wheel (inside and outside)
  • Hand weapons: tiger’s mouth, panther fist, eagle claw
  • Stepping: front cross, back cross, shuffle
  • Power breathing technique
  • Sweeps: front, back, combination
  • Hand weapons: bear paw, mind fist, mantis fist
  • Strikes: uppercut, hook punch, crescent punch, smothering backfist, wheel punch
  • Kicks: hook, axe, rising heel, stomp
  • Takedown: scissors kick takedown
  • Cyclic breathing 5, 7, 9 seconds
  • Fundamental ground grappling techniques and escapes: top, side, rear mount
  • Closed guard, half guard, and passing guards
  • Arm bar, rear choke
  • Stepping: san ti stepping
  • Strikes: hammer fist, spinning back fist
  • Kicks: vertical and roundhouse knee strikes, jump front kick, jump kick

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