A Look Ahead to the Peaceful Dragon Japan & China trip 2019

From October 15th through October 27th we will be embarking on our fourth group tour of Asia! The two-week tour was designed specifically for The Peaceful Dragon and our affiliated schools.

The tour will include both China and Japan and will be packed with educational, historical, and cultural experiences. We are thrilled to see some of the most exciting and famous sites in both countries and also practice tai chi, kung fu, and meditation with a variety of local experts and instructors.

As we travel the two countries, we look forward to our adventures in each of the following cities:


Enjoying all the must-see attractions in Tokyo, we will visit the Imperial Palace and take a cruise down the Sumida River! We are especially excited to immerse ourselves in the culture by exploring the old Edo District to sample the local cuisine. Hopping on the bullet train to head out to Kyoto will be the exclamation point on our time in Tokyo!


Known as the “Golden Pavilion,” our first stop in Kyoto will be a tour of the Kinkakuji Temple. It is covered in gold! Other amazing sites in Kyoto will include the Kiyomizu Temple to experience Zazen, (sitting meditation) and a walking tour of Kyoto. Our first night in Kyoto will be spent soaking in the famous hot springs of the Biwako Hotel!


Osaka Castle Park is the largest castle in Japan, and we will get to explore it. We will also visit one of Japan’s largest bronze Buddha statues at the Todaiji Temple. In Shinsaibashi, the largest shopping district in Osaka, we will get to enjoy some free time to wander the shops and enjoy the scene.


Our visit to Shanghai will feature a famous Chinese acrobatic show. Shanghai is one of the most vibrant and modern cities in China, offering a unique experience at every turn.


Another high-speed train ride to Nanjing from Shanghai will transport us from the most modern to the most ancient. The Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum honors the modern father of China. We’ll also get to see the Confucius Temple, the Imperial Museum, and the Niushou Mountain Forestal Park full of modern temples and pagodas.


Full of water gardens and canals, “the Venice of China” will be an experience we will never forget. We will visit the famous Lingering Gardens – one of the most famous classical Chinese gardens. Then it is back to Shanghai for our last few days.

They say investing in experiences is a better path to happiness than investing in possessions, and we couldn’t agree more. As we prepare to embark on this magnificent journey to Asia, we hope that you’ll begin planning for your next big adventure. Whether with us on our next sponsored tour or with friends and family, remember, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

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