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The Peaceful Dragon
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 by Charles Eaton

It about kill me in yoga last week, but I felt better then I had in three years.....It a great place even if your health is bad, No judgments, work at your own speed. I going to do two classes next week. AAA++ place

 by Carolene and Bryan, parents of Carrie Chun, 15 Charlotte, NC

Carrie has gained self esteem and self confidence. She also has increased her endurance and has no problem running the required distances at school. She has also learned to focus, so her attention span has increased. She has a better attitude, is more positive in her thinking and more health conscious.

The biggest problem Carrie has is that the more she learns the more she wants to do, she likes everything about the arts that much!

All the parents here are working to one goal, which is the improvement of our children’s lives.

 by Lyn Adams, 31, aerobics instructor, Indian Trail, NC

I have increased my strength and flexibility, of course, but I also have more awareness of my physical health. I recognize when I need more rest, change in diet, more stretching or strengthening, etc. I know my body better and am in much better health than I was when I was younger. I have more balance in my lifestyle and more confidence and self-esteem.

I enjoy the fact that there’s so much to learn and Sifu knows so much and challenges us all to do our best.

The diversity! There are so many different types of people who share a love of martial arts. I never get bored because the people are great and the classes are challenging and interesting.

 by Keith Burnett, 34, Charlotte, NC

The Peaceful Dragon is not just a place where people go to learn the physical aspects of the Martial Arts but there is also the philosophy that reinforces the physical aspects. To put it plainly the student gets the whole package of mind, body, spirit development.

The schedule is very helpful for me. My work schedule is so unpredictable. Sometimes I work during the day, sometimes at night (sometimes day and night), but I can still find time for class.

 by David Crowe, 57, musician, Charlotte, NC

Many of my ‘middle-age’ problems (stiffness, backaches, etc.) have greatly diminished. I’m in the best physical shape that I’ve been in my whole life – I have more strength, stamina and flexibility than I had at 25.

Coming to the Peaceful Dragon has changed all aspects of my daily life – teaching, playing music, driving, personal relationships are all more balanced, relaxed and seem to have more focus and perspective.

I appreciate the serious, in-depth, no-nonsense approach to our training. I always know I’m getting the “real thing”.

 by David Pankey, 53, Musician, Charlotte, NC

I enjoy noticeably better balance, weight loss, improved physical stamina, improved concentration, lower blood pressure, and higher stress threshold.

I am more focused on my music and have better discipline when doing projects and setting my practice time.

 by David Block, 50, Sales, Charlotte, NC

I have better flexibility and calmness. Specifically, my leg strength has increased and helps me endure throughout the day.

I am better able to cope with external stress since I have trained here at The Peaceful Dragon.
“I’ve experienced excellent instruction and mentorship as well as a great environment and people. Our instructor’s knowledge and ability to teach both physical and mental aspects of martial arts is what I appreciate. All of my fellow students are great people with good attitudes and helpful beyond the class environment.

I think the classes at The Peaceful Dragon have improved my life considerably and I look forward to future improvements.

 by Matt Lail, 29, Massage Therapist, Bessemer City, NC

I enjoy a general improvement in health, am sick less often and have more strength and endurance. Because of my training at The Peaceful Dragon, I am less moody and rise to anger less often.

Our student body has accomplished harmony within a large group of diverse people.

 by Jennifer Shults, 34, Chemist, Charlotte, NC

I have reached a level of fitness I have not achieved in other programs. Not only am I leaner with better definition, but also I am functionally strong and day-to-day activities, such as stair climbing or heavy lifting no longer tire me.

I have noticed a very positive lowering in my stress level. Even very stressful situations are manageable and affect me less due to breathing, relaxation, and just a more positive and healthy outlook.

I really enjoy classes taught by the disciples because I like to see the things they enjoy. But Sifu’s classes are the perfect mix of hard and soft, difficult and easy, old and new.

I just enjoy being here. It is peaceful and uplifting to come and take a class or have a meal. On training days, I look forward to coming all day.

Because my family is thousands of miles away, this has become a wonderful extended family.

 by Marcia Ilardo, Accounting, Charlotte, NC

When I joined I was borderline diabetic. This is my fifth year at the Peaceful Dragon and I am proud to say that my last blood testing my levels were within normal range. This is without medication; just a change in diet and the exercise program at The Peaceful Dragon.

The theory of letting go has flowed through to my work environment, which is a good thing.

I thoroughly respect the knowledge and patience of the instructors and the depth of the curriculum.

I enjoy the family environment.

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