Add “Working In” to your Work Out with Comprehensive Martial Arts Classes

At The Peaceful Dragon, we don’t just focus on the physical aspects of martial arts. Whether it is Tai Chi or Kung Fu, and even Yoga, all our classes work towards improving your emotional and physical health simultaneously.

Charlotte’s Best Martial Arts Workout

Often it is a physical motivation for health and wellness that brings new members to our school. We won’t disappoint.

Our classes are geared to improve your physical health. You’ll gain strength, balance, flexibility, energy, and you will likely even shed those extra pounds. Along with reaching fitness goals, you’ll gain strong self-defense skills and can even gain better control over chronic ailments.

No two classes are the same when you join our martial arts school. Whether it is what we focus on in class or your state of mind, every class presents new challenges and you’ll reap numerous rewards, both physical and mental.

Built into our classes are some key components to improving emotional well-being, lowering stress, improving focus, and creating more positive thought patterns. The long-term process of achieving inner wellness can require deep digging during class. Whether it is conquering a thought of “I can’t” or “this is too difficult” or something deeper, sometimes you’ll leave class feeling as if you conquered a huge mental or emotional hurdle.

The term “working in” has come up with our students. As class has come to an end and the students realize their emotional and mental workout was just as rigorous as the physical they say “wow, that was a great work in.”

Comprehensive Martial Arts

When choosing a martial arts school or practice, we highly recommend choosing a school, instructor, and or class offering a strong focus on both working out and working in. Some days it takes sheer physical will-power to get through a workout or day, while other days your emotional and mental strength is what pulls you through to reach your goals. By exercising both physical and mental muscles, you’ll enjoy overall well-being.

If you are ready to reduce stress, improve physical strength, and cultivate better emotional and mental well-being, we urge to you give Peaceful Dragon a try. Start today with a free introductory tour, orientation, and lesson! 704-504-8866

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