Student Programs and Benefits

To complement the great classes offered here at The Peaceful Dragon, as a new student you will enjoy numerous special services and benefits. A few of these are highlighted below:

Introductory Trial Program

Benefits include:

  • Choice of two tai chi classes or two kung fu classes each week
  • Monthly discussion group, “The Way of Shaolin”
  • Monthly on-line lesson, “The Way of Shaolin”
  • Monthly on-line newsletter
  • 20% to 50% discounts on special workshops by visiting Masters
  • FREE curriculum testing, ranking and promotions
  • Unlimited use of studios and facilities even outside of class times

Mastery Program

Benefits include everything in the Introductory Trial Program above, plus:

  • Monthly “Success and Self-Mastery” roundtable discussion group with Master Eric Sbarge. Covers advanced principles for success in martial arts, yoga and meditation, including how to apply these principles for optimal success and happiness in your career and family life.
  • Level One and Level Two Ten-Week Meditation Courses. Offered every year, these courses led by Master Sbarge will give you in-depth practical knowledge of Zen and Taoist methods of meditation for health, stress management and spiritual awakening. You can repeat these courses indefinitely (and many students do!)
  • Ten-Week Medical Qigong Course. Offered every year, this course led by Master Eric Sbarge will guide you through a variety of medical qigong practices for improved health and vigor which will nicely complement the qigong you practice in your tai chi and kung fu classes.
  • Optional weekly “Competition Team” class led by Master Sbarge. Perfect an empty-hand and weapons form to a high level, and master your tai chi push hands or kung fu sparring skills.
  • Unlimited weekly classes in tai chi, kung fu, and internal martial arts (including pakua and hsing-i). Some of our students are content to continue taking two core classes per week, but many others want to take multiple classes in multiple arts. As a Mastery student you can take unlimited classes in the art(s) of your choice (keeping at least two core classes in either tai chi or kung fu).
  • Longer tai chi and kung fu classes, training with more advanced students. To accelerate your learning, you’ll move into 15-minute longer B/C/D Block classes along with other Mastery Program students.
  • Huge Discounts on Optional Private Classes with our disciples, senior instructors or head instructor, Master Eric Sbarge. Most of your progress comes in your group classes, but it’s nice to know you can review curriculum or make additional advancements with private classes led by our experienced instructors.
  • Optional “Done for You” customized and personalized practice schedule and routine, includes quarterly one-on-one consultation with Master Sbarge. Master Sbarge will work with you to create and then monitor your own personalized training program to help ensure that you reach your long-term training goals.
  • Huge savings available on all Peaceful Dragon retreats, workshops and tournaments.
  • Mastery black uniform tops. This distinguishes you as a Mastery Program member.

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