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Mara Healy leads Yoga at The Peaceful Dragon.


A World-Class Yoga Studio Teaching Authentic Yoga
— Right Here In Charlotte!

Studios exist all over Charlotte and the Carolinas offering every imaginable style of yoga: hot yoga, power yoga, gentle yoga, yin yoga, ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga and more. We ONLY teach Unity Yoga, one of the most comprehensive styles that skillfully blends the traditions of Indian and Himalayan yoga for the purpose of creating balance, resilience, and adaptability for body, breath and mind… While all styles can be beneficial, many studios today predominantly teach styles or classes that only emphasize the physical aspects of yoga.

Of course, a yoga program that focuses mainly on the physical postures and exercises is fine if all you’re really looking for is some flexibility and physical fitness.

But if you’re also looking for the authentic and traditional inner teachings of yoga—the kind that were passed down for centuries from Indian, Tibetan and Chinese masters and gurus and that reveal the most important and beneficial mental and spiritual practices—then Yoga at The Peaceful Dragon™ is for you.

Just as The Peaceful Dragon has thrived and grown to have the Carolinas’ largest and most successful Tai Chi and Kung Fu programs by emphasizing the Chinese Zen and Taoist roots and inner-teachings of these arts, the new Yoga at The Peaceful Dragon emphasizes the genuine Indian, Tibetan and Chinese roots and inner-teachings and philosophies of Yoga.

When The Peaceful Dragon first opened back in 1997 many doubted our traditional approach to teaching Eastern arts and sciences. They believed that most people in Charlotte would only want the physical workouts and would be turned off by our traditional Eastern focus on mindfulness, meditation, breath work, energy work, diet and lifestyle, ethics and morals, Eastern medicine, Zen and Taoist philosophy, Yoga Sutras, and the like.

But we found just the opposite to be true: For all the people who may only want the physical aspects of these arts, an equal if not larger number really do want the complete and authentic mental and spiritual inner-teachings. In fact, most of our students proclaim that while they really enjoy the great physical workouts they get in our classes, the mental and spiritual teachings have made the most profound and positive changes in their lives.

These positive changes include:

  • More loving and harmonious personal relationships
  • A more positive and upbeat attitude toward life
  • Better balance between family, work and personal responsibilities
  • Improved coping with life’s challenges and hardships
  • A more open and loving heart that helps brings more love in return
  • Less stress and worry about those things we can’t control
  • A more focused and productive mind at work and at home
  • An attitude of gratitude and acceptance
“My training here has helped me to let a lot more things roll off my back. Things are more harmonious at home and at work. I also eat better and take better care of myself. You could not ask for a friendlier, more supportive group of people to train with. I am a pretty slow learner, but everyone here is so patient and helpful.
I feel so energized and so positive life seems brighter. I came to The Peaceful Dragon for better health but I didn’t know I would find deeper spirituality.”
–Kathy Crowe, Designer/Illustrator, Charlotte, NC
“I enjoy the emphasis on challenging yourself and not comparing yourself to others in the class. The classes combine physical, mental and spiritual all together. My student-friends are wonderful in their attitude, helpfulness and general cheerfulness! Becoming a member of The Peaceful Dragon is the best thing I have done for myself, ever. It’s the best gift you can give anyone.”
–Barbara Dale Saufley, 43, Design and Sales, Charlotte, NC
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Why Most Other Yoga Studios are Alike—And Most of their Students Don’t Get the Full Benefits of Yoga

At most Charlotte yoga studios, and indeed across the Carolinas, the curriculum only includes classes in asana (postures) and the physical aspects of yoga (with perhaps a little bit of breathing and chanting thrown in for good measure). If you want to learn the most profound and beneficial mental and spiritual practices of yoga you have to be accepted into and join a time-consuming and very expensive Teacher Training program (even though you likely aren’t planning or ready to become a yoga teacher), or you must pay for extensive additional outside workshops or training.

With the unique structure of Yoga at The Peaceful Dragon, EVERY student is immersed in the complete mind, body and spirit curriculum of traditional yoga—whether you wish to join our intensive Teacher Training programs or not.

The primary yoga system taught at our studio is Unity Yoga™, a profound system of classical Indian and Tibetan yoga. This system includes ancient practices that have been codified and systematized by world-renowned yogis. This is one of the most complete, sophisticated and effective forms of traditional mind-body-spirit yoga found anywhere in the world today.

Our Director of Yoga Studies, Yogini Mara Healy (ERYT-500), studied under Yoga Master Andrey Lappa for 12 years and was his most senior North American disciple and primary assistant during that time. She has additionally studied under Yoga Masters Manju Jois of the Ashtanga School, and Chandra Om of the Dharma Mittra School. Today, she is a nationally respected yoga teacher who regularly leads teacher-training programs, workshops, and classes throughout The United States. In addition to her teacher training sessions, she leads ongoing comprehensive classes, seminars and workshops on Indian and Tibetan yoga philosophy, methods and inner teachings as they have been transmitted to her through her Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhist) Lineage.

We’re Not the Right Yoga School for Everyone, but We May Be the Right School for You

Mara Healy demonstrates one of the challenging Universal yoga asana poses.

We know we’re not the right yoga school for everyone, and that’s as it should be. If you try to be everything for everyone, you usually end up being nothing of great value for anyone.

We’re probably not the right school for you if your only concern is getting a buff body that looks good in a bikini or looks good in the latest yoga fashions. There are countless other yoga studios more suitable.

If, on the other hand, you want to get a really fit and healthy body while you develop the mental and spiritual capacities of greater wisdom, compassion, and loving-kindness through the traditional inner teachings of yoga then we very well may be the right school for you.

We’re not the right school for you if you just want to casually dabble in a little yoga here and there, perhaps a class or two a month when and if your whims dictate.

But if you really want to transform yourself through a consistent and ongoing practice in authentic yoga, we may be perfect for you. And if you want to get a really fit and healthy body while you develop the mental and spiritual capacities of greater wisdom, compassion, and loving-kindness through the traditional inner teachings of yoga then you’ll want to be a part of this studio.

In fact, we don’t even accept drop-in students—you have to be a registered and matriculated student to train at The Yoga studio at Peaceful Dragon.

The reasons we don’t accept drop-in or casual students are simple: We want you to be surrounded by other highly-motivated and dedicated students at all times, and we want our class sizes to stay small and manageable so our teachers can be as effective as possible in helping you reach your full potential in yoga.