F.A.Q’s About Charlotte Meditation Classes

Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation

Q: My mind seems to race and wander all the time, can I really learn to meditate?

A: You are like everyone else – all of our minds without training tend to be overly active. That’s exactly why meditation can be so beneficial to many of us. Asians often refer to the mind as a “wild monkey”, and employ meditation as an important method of “taming” that wild monkey.

Q: Is meditation religious?

A: That’s entirely up to you. Most major religions do incorporate various forms of meditation, prayer, and chanting, but meditation is simply about learning how to focus, calm, and center the mind. At The Peaceful Dragon, we do not teach Zen meditation in any religious context, though many of our students find the practice deepens their own personal spiritual aspirations.

Q: Is meditation for stress management really effective and practical?

A: In a word, yes. We all encounter stress in our daily lives – meditation helps us become aware of the stress triggers, and teaches us how to control our reactions to reduce the stress-induced side-effects and negative repercussions of stress.

Q: I can’t sit with my legs cross comfortably, can I still meditate?

A: Yes, we will show you options on stools, cushions, or chairs suitable for anyone. We have a variety of meditation aids available for purchase here.

Q: How do I decide what kind of meditation is right for me?

A: There are more similarities than differences between most schools of meditation, so probably more important to find people and an environment that you feel comfortable with, rather than focusing as much on the kind of meditation. Research options available, determine your personal reasons for wanting to meditate and then try it.

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