A Beginner’s Guide To Yoga in Charlotte

Yoga Guide
The true journey into yoga begins with a desire to live a more peaceful life. Even though the average beginner yoga student may be totally unaware of that desire, the thing that keeps every student of yoga in Charlotte coming back to their mats is the inner connection between breath, body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is a door to a state of harmony that would otherwise get lost among the buzzing of emails, video chats and text messages. This evolution into a full-fledged spiritual discipline often starts with a much more humble beginning.

Why People Keep Returning to Yoga in Charlotte

Some people start yoga to get the thin, flexible yoga body, and others in pursuit of health or healing from injury and disease. There are also a few people who initially turn to yoga as an answer to the chaos and confusion of life and understand it to be a spiritual path. While all students of yoga in Charlotte do not start for the same reasons, they stay with the practice for the same essential reason.

The thing that keeps students of yoga committed to what is sometimes a challenging path is the success of yoga as a spiritual discipline that leads the way into happiness, bliss and contentment. One important factor in a student’s journey into this inner realm is the guidance they receive during their first year.

Crucial Points for a Beginner Yogi

The Goal of Asana Practice: If you are a beginner within your first year of yoga practice there are some crucial points to understand. The goal of yoga is to bring your mind into a deeper state of connection so that you can perceive the truth more clearly. This inner practice is actually more relevant than the attainment of the physical postures.

Relax Into the Process: Many new students get very inspired by the far reaching potential of the complete spiritual path of yoga in Charlotte and set very high expectations for their personal practice. But this enthusiasm can sometimes lead to a totally avoidable low in the practice. Rather than starting off with an all-or-nothing attitude that demands a full transformation into a yogic lifestyle within a matter of months, it is better to relax into the process over a longer period of time.

Yoga is a lifestyle more than an activity that can be classified into one area of your life. Instead of attempting to take on all the accouterments of the practice as a beginner, it is best advised to ease more slowly into the lifestyle changes as your inner awareness changes to suit these new behaviors.

How Often to Unroll Your Mat: If you are totally new to working your body you will certainly be sore for the majority of your first year of practice. Learn to enjoy it. A good goal to set when starting off with the physical practice of yoga in Charlotte is to unroll your yoga mat at least three (but up to six) times a week – this will give you a small, attainable goal that you can integrate into your life quite easily.

Whether you’re a beginner to yoga in Charlotte – or you’ve been away from it for a while and want to reengage your inspiration – give us a call today to schedule a consultation. We’d love to show you around our 10,000 sq. ft. custom-built school that sits on 12 serene wooded acres. It is a peaceful, spacious state-of-the-art facility operated with family-run friendliness.

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