Testing Requirements and Procedures for Disciple Black Sash

Testing Format and Schedules

The testing for the Disciple Black Sash, like all other tests at The Peaceful Dragon, is free.

The testing will be administered by the Head Instructor, Master Eric Sbarge, and at least two additional instructors. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to observe the testing.

The testing dates will be set twice per year (every six months). This will be posted on the events page of the website. If a testing date is missed, the student has the option of waiting six months for the next Disciple Black Sash testing date, or scheduling a private testing date. The fee for a private testing session is $400. A preparatory pre-test will be scheduled 1-2 months before the Disciple Black Sash test.

In the event a student fails to complete the test, or does not pass the test, the student must take the test over again in six months, or schedule and pay for a private session to re-take the test whenever the student is ready.

When the student applies for the test three months in advance, the instructors will work with the student in the student’s regular classes as much as possible to help prepare the student for the test.

Eligibility Requirements

Student must have trained at The Peaceful Dragon a minimum of five years at the date of testing, and must be at least 13 years old.

Student must have applied on or before the previous Promotion Day (three months in advance.)

Student must have completed a minimum of 10 hours of Community Service, approved by one of our Instructors, during the six months prior to testing. A Certificate of Completion must be signed by self/parent and the Community Service Representative not later than one week prior to the testing date.

Student must have turned in and completed the Black Sash Testing Essay not later than one month prior to the testing date, and a passing version must be approved at least two weeks before the testing date.

Testing Requirements

Student is able to independently run all Kung Fu forms as required in the Curriculum from Block A through Block C (White through Brown Sash).

Student is able to execute the 24 Promotional Self Defense Techniques on a partner.

Student will demonstrate proper Man-Da (slow sparring).

Student will demonstrate proficient Da-Jia (sparring).

Testing Procedures

Forms. Student will sequentially run all forms with speed, power and proper technique. The student will have up to one minute to rest between each form, as needed. The forms will be called out to the student, in the following order:

For Disciple Black Sash Candidates: Elbow Set, Fu Shin Yi, Fu Shin Er, Tan Tui 1-6, Yi Jin Jing, Poke Set, Jin Gung, Kenpo IV, Mei Jung 1, Staff, Broadsword, Kenpo Two-Person Form (you must pre-select a partner for this).

Self-Defense Techniques. An instructor will demonstrate one of the 24 Promotional Self-Defense Techniques on a partner, and then the student must be able to demonstrate the same technique on a partner. A total of five techniques will be randomly selected from the 24. Each must be executed three times by the student—fast, slow, and again fast.

Man-da. The student will perform Man-da (slow fighting) with three partners chosen by the instructors, for two minutes each.

Da-Jia. The student will perform Da-Jia (medium contact full sparring) with at least three partners chosen by the instructors for five three-minute rounds. There will be a one-minute rest between rounds. Full equipment must be worn.