Building a sense of self-confidence is key to healthy development in children. Martial arts can show them the way.

There is no more crucial time for healthy development in a person’s life than in childhood and adolescence. Traditional martial arts are a unique vehicle for building self-confidence and self-esteem, which are fundamental building blocks for success in many areas like academic achievement, social interactions, and even future careers.  At The Peaceful Dragon, we empower children to act on their own behalf to accomplish their goals.

Building self-confidence is a journey, not a destination

Confidence develops through building on small successes. There are no “shortcuts” in children’s martial arts, and no “beginner’s luck.” Everyone starts at the beginning, learns the basics, and each new skill builds on the ones learned before it. Your child may be discouraged at first, thinking that they’re “not good at it” if they can’t get something right, but encouragement from their coaches and peers — some who may be at higher skill levels — creates a nurturing and safe environment for them to keep trying. Unlike other sports, there is no one, big championship trophy at the end — martial arts are a continuing journey of realistic, measurable goals that are always within reach. With achieving a new sash (belt) rank comes a sense of accomplishment, and the next level is attainable from the confidence obtained and skills learned thus far. Even the highest belts in any martial art will tell you that students are continuously learning.

Martial arts for children cultivate responsibility and leadership

As your child progresses through our program, other students will begin to look to him or her for guidance. New communication skills are learned, new friendships are made, and as they develop into a role model for newer students, a sense of self-confidence and responsibility to others is instilled. Knowing that they got to their sash level through much preparation and hard work reinforces their learned self-discipline and gives them a good sense of self-esteem. In doing so, your child realizes that because he or she is in control of their own behavior, they can set a positive example for other students.

Self-confidence leads to success outside of the martial arts school

The skills learned at The Peaceful Dragon are not restrained to the walls of our building. The self-confidence your child develops have a positive effect on other areas of life as well. They become more driven to try new things, and less afraid to “strike out” on a new idea even when others around them are still pondering it. They gain the ability to stand up for themselves in a fair and consistent manner. They are more apt to say “no” to situations of negative peer pressure, and more inclined to say “yes” to positive opportunities.

Without a sense of self-confidence and what they are capable of, children grow up to be anxious and afraid to take risks, no matter how large or small. Lack of confidence leads to holding back. It leads to shyness, inaction, and not standing up for one’s self. Oftentimes, it results in missed chances and setting the bar too low, and a lifetime of “what ifs” lingering in their mind.

Martial arts, whether we’re talking kung fu, judo, jujitsu, tae kwan do, or karate for children, allows kids to believe in themselves, rise up, and reach their potential.

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