Can martial arts help treat trauma survivors?

Traumatic occurrences in one’s life can have a lasting negative impact.  Trauma survivors can find themselves physically and emotionally frozen, a direct response to the events suffered, which have stacked their stresses so large that their psychological and emotional resources become depleted.

Holistic practitioners and doctors alike are beginning to note the positive affects of martial arts training for trauma survivors.  Some are offering basic striking training or full-on martial arts practice to their trauma patients and are seeing lives reinvigorated and very likely, saved.  There are many benefits of martial arts training for individuals, who have not suffered trauma, and those benefits can help begin to form a solid foundation for recovery for those, who have survived traumatic events.

can martial arts treat trauma survivors?

Can martial arts treat trauma survivors?

How can martial arts help treat trauma survivors?

When a trauma survivor’s fight or flight responses are negated by the freeze response, an effective treatment must be formulated to restore their innate yet overwhelmed physical responses to stress.  The freeze response is a deep-seated reaction to predatory beings or threatening emotional stressors.  Trauma victims can become locked into a system of un-response, rendering their internal defenses void.  For survivors, who are not effectively treated with talk therapy alone, martial arts practice can become the crux of their recovery.  Trauma recovery specialist, Jane Clapp, says, “When they (trauma survivors) get back in touch with the fight impulse in their body in a very grounded, calm, mindful way, they can start to feel that it’s safe for them to stick up for themselves. That fight training is coming up through the body and feeding into their brain and impacting their neuroplasticity.”

martial arts treat trauma survivors

Martial arts can help treat trauma survivors.

PTSD symptoms can also be managed through martial arts.

PTSD sufferers are finding martial arts training an effective addition to their own courses of recovery.  The basic tools of martial arts practices, tai chi, yoga, and meditation can help PTSD sufferers focus and understand and establish a healthy relationship with power.  Those with PTSD or C-PTSD have noted saw a reduction in anxiety, panic attacks, and headaches through martial arts.  Martial arts can help sufferers set boundaries through self-discipline and reestablish the mind-body connection with repetitive movements.  There is a calming effect given through the mind-body connection can help trauma survivors and PTSD sufferers relax and improve their sleeplessness.  Managing these symptoms of PTSD can improve the overall health and well-being of sufferers, encouraging a more positive outlook that can resonate through all areas of their life.

martial arts for PTSD

Martial arts can help PTSD sufferers.

Martial arts can aid trauma and PTSD treatment therapies.  It’s not a cure.

While we are beginning to see effective treatment of PTSD and trauma through the addition of martial arts classes, we must remember that complete and continued treatment is essential.  At The Peaceful Dragon, we would never claim to be able to cure your emotional and psychological trauma, but we encourage trauma survivors to consider martial arts training as an extension of their ongoing treatment regimen.

Martial arts can aid trauma survivors and PTSD sufferers in recovery.

The information provided in this blog is to highlight the potential benefits of aiding trauma therapies and treatments through martial arts practices.  It is meant to inform readers and should not be taken as clinical advice.

If you seek to employ martial arts training as part of your trauma treatment regimen and would like to speak with us about our classes, we would be pleased to help.  Start today with a free semi-private introductory martial arts lesson and studio tour.  Call to schedule. 704-504-8866

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