Can Martial Arts Help with Anger Management and Aggression Issues?

It is more common than you might think for new martial arts students to ask whether or not practicing Kung Fu and Martial Arts can help with anger management issues. It might seem counterintuitive that “learning to fight” could actually simmer one’s temper and lower their tendency to engage in physical altercations, but it is true.

How Does Martial Arts Help with Anger Management?

Anger is a healthy and normal human emotion. The problem occurs when a person has difficulty controlling that anger. It can lead to destruction, issues with personal and professional relationships, and a deterioration in your quality of life. Learning how to control anger before it turns into outward rage, is vital to living a productive and peaceful life.


There are three fundamental ways in which martial arts practice can help those struggling with anger management.


Breathing and extreme focus are required for every martial arts movement. After all, how does a small child break a board with their bare hands without channeling all their focus and energy into the singular movement that is required to break that board? This newly gained ability to focus one’s energy contributes to the skills required to contain natural stress responses and channel them elsewhere. If in the past stress caused you to become angry, you may soon find yourself able to focus your energy on resolving that stressor.


Discipline comes from more than one place when practicing martial arts. The discipline required to learn stances and focus energy is one, but once you’ve progressed there is a broader discipline gained. When you’ve learned the power your focus can harness, you understand very quickly that self-discipline is essential. It is a core principle of martial arts training that the physical knowledge and practice is meant for self-defense only and that controlling yourself is vital to the safety of you and others. Growing strength in one’s ability to control oneself is huge in managing anger and your response to feeling angry.

Mind Over Emotions

While discipline and self-control improve your ability to manage your response to common emotions, martial arts can help you manage those emotions too. For instance, when you exert your emotions and funnel them into healthy activities, you begin to dissolve those emotions. Activities such as perfecting your martial arts stances or exerting your negative energy into a properly formed kick or punch on the training bags can melt away those emotions before you have a chance to lose control. In addition, with focus on the mind and body, martial arts can improve your ability to find the inner peace and patience to be triggered into anger less frequently.

If anger is disrupting your life, whether it is simply making you miserable or you’re beginning to lash out towards the people in your life, we recommend you give martial arts a try. At The Peaceful Dragon, we offer a broad variety of practices to fit your individual needs including Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga, and Meditation. We even have a free no obligation tour and introductory class to get you started. Call today to schedule or sign up here704-504-8866

4 thoughts on “Can Martial Arts Help with Anger Management and Aggression Issues?

  1. christopher rees

    i have a small amount of martial arts experience, i have much more wrestling experience. and my anger issues as a child are next to none.
    my wife works for an urban school in grand rapids mi, i would like some help starting an after school program with the kids that i see have issues with abuse and anger. i need training and help, but i would like this to be all volunteer. do you have people in the are that can help re-train me and/or help with this?

  2. Sadie Knight

    Gm I am a 61yrold Grandmother, ive always been a lover over all types of martial arts yoga n such nvr completing any. I started my oldest grandson 18yrs out in the arts he reached a brown belt n I believe wz so discouraged by someone he stop going. My grandson is a good loving person smart accept i feel in my spirit, something has hindered his spirit i myself would love for him to return to the arts n i believe he foes also n i believe it will help him a lot. I know it helped me alot. Whatever it is im praying for him to return to the arts. I am also looking to go bc into the arts myself at a lower stance. Pls any advice would be welcome n appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance.

  3. Zachary Tomlinson

    My friend is looking for ideas on how to keep his son occupied during this pandemic. I find it amazing to learn that martial arts can help someone manage their emotions, and it’s also made for self-defence! I’ll pitch this idea to him so he’d consider it for his son.

  4. Franca Whyte

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