Charlotte Martial Arts Classes at The Peaceful Dragon: The Difference is Remarkable

We’ve overheard people say that “all martial arts schools are the same” – but what we know to be true is that none are the same. At our Charlotte martial arts classes, we strive to differentiate ourselves in several key categories as our goals are not the same as the goals of other martial arts studios. Some might focus on competition and sparring; some might focus on children and after-school programs, still, others are all-in for Tai Chi and meditation practice.

The Peaceful Dragon Offers a Closely Guarded Martial Arts Program for Full Mind and Body Wellness

The difference between martial arts schools is important to note. In fact, we will refer you to other schools if your goals are not aligned with ours. We are not shy about helping our prospective members find the right fit elsewhere as we truly believe martial arts are for everyone, but, The Peaceful Dragon might not be.

Our focus on mind and body wellness is observable by several of our key actions and offerings:

  1. We provide classes in multiple disciplines and give our members full access. Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Yoga are extremely complementary disciplines, and we’d love our members to experience the joy and benefits of them all. Stress management, weight loss, increased strength, and improved balance can be achieved that much better with multiple practices.
  2. Our classes are authentic and traditional.
  3. We’ve built a beautiful 10,000 square foot school on 12 serene wooded acres. When you spend time here practicing martial arts or yoga, the environment plays a role in setting the atmosphere for achieving your goals of lowering stress and finding mental and spiritual wellness.
  4. We offer seminars, roundtables, and discussions about a variety of topics that further member goals to improve mental, spiritual, and physical health. Topics around eating habits, leadership skills, and Zen philosophy are just a few.
  5. We also have special guests such as Shaolin’s former head coach Shi Guolin or 7-time world champion Grandmaster Jeff Smith, and we organize off-site retreats.
  6. Our members advocate health and wellness through shared interest and values. When you’re taking the path of healthy thinking and actions, it is supremely helpful to spend time with those who are not only like-minded but supportive as well.
  7. At the Peaceful Dragon, we are like family. Throughout the year there are many events for members to participate in to further develop those relationships such as our famous Chinese New Year Festival, Quarterly Cleanups, and Member Appreciation Barbecue.
  8. We encourage our interested kung fu and tai chi students to compete in tournaments and competitions. There is something special about meeting up with other martial artists and sharing the skills you’re developing.

If you’re looking for a life change at a state-of-the-art facility with like-minded people and the best instructors, look no further. When it comes to Martial Arts classes in Charlotte, The Peaceful Dragon is the best choice. Start today with a free introductory tour and semi-private lesson. Call today 704-504-8866 or sign up here.

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