Charlotte Martial Arts for Weight Loss

At The Peaceful Dragon, we approach every martial art with a goal for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Our comprehensive programs use martial arts instruction as the foundation for building good health. Sometimes achieving good health means working towards weight loss goals. The most obvious ways that Martial Arts, including Kung Fu and Tai Chi as well as the related practices of Meditation and Yoga helps you lose weight is with increased physical activity, strength, and endurance. However, the lifestyle benefits that contribute to your weight loss goals are plentiful as well. Perks like knowledge of healthier eating habits, increased confidence, reduced stress, and decreasing dependency on bad habits and vices are valuable contributors to your weight loss success. Here is how martial arts can achieve weight loss:

Martial Arts is Active Exercise

When you are in a Martial Arts class or practicing at home, you are getting active exercise. Not every beneficial exercise has to be pounding the pavement. You’ll know when you get started that martial arts makes you sweat, raises your heart rate, keeps it up and can make you breathe heavier. All of this is adds up to a cardiovascular activity that is good for your fitness, health, and will help you burn calories.

Strength & Endurance

Each Martial Arts move is generated by an active muscle in your body. Each time you complete the technique, you are building strength in the required muscles to perform the activity. With each muscle that grows, your body becomes more efficient and burns more calories in regular daily activities.

Overall Health & Wellness

Martial Arts practice has been shown to create better overall wellness. At The Peaceful Dragon, we focus on this fact for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Our friendly, family-like atmosphere, the classes you take, the lectures we offer, and the health-positive encouragement, education, and culture you will be immersed in, all contribute to you making better choices in your daily life. These carefully constructed elements found at The Peaceful Dragon martial arts center, combined with the mental health benefits of Martial Arts practice results in better stress management, increased energy and vitality, and reduction of negative thought patterns and habits, which all go hand-in-hand with the physical practice to result in lasting weight loss.

To schedule a FREE introductory class and see for yourself how you can have fun and lose weight with martial arts practice in Charlotte, call us at 704-504-8866.

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