Great things students say about Yoga at The Peaceful Dragon

• “When at The Peaceful Dragon there is always a feeling of tranquility which overcomes me. This has had a very favorable affect on my health. Before coming to classes I was a borderline diabetic and have now been in a normal range for over 7 years. As I am aging, I find enjoyment in learning techniques and there is a true feeling of accomplishment when a new concept is learned. There is also a feeling of family, this is not a gym atmosphere, thank goodness.”
Marcia Ilardo, Business Manager, 53, Charlotte

• “I now have better concentration, which means better use of my study time.”
Eric Mullis, 27, Teacher/Thinker, Columbia, SC

• “The Peaceful Dragon has helped me gain more confidence and self-discipline throughout my life. My flexibility and strength have significantly improved during the years I have spend here at The Peaceful Dragon. There are always new physical and mental challenges. I like this the most because it makes the arts at The Peaceful Dragon a life-long activity.”
Carrie Chun, Student, 20, Charlotte

• “There’s not enough money in the world to match the value of what I’ve learned at The Peaceful Dragon. I would never have thought I’d stick with it this long, but the years go by and you find yes, you can train hard; yes, you can learn new things; yes, you can develop some skill.”
Kathy Crowe, Designer/Illustrator, 61, Charlotte

• “As a musician, one thing that must be achieved is the ability to focus. Another is the ability to work with others in harmony. These attributes have been greatly enhanced during my tenure at The Peaceful Dragon.
David Pankey, Musician, Charlotte

• “The exercise involved is interesting and motivating. This has kept me coming back for 6 years and helped me maintain good health. There is always something new to learn. My training here will stay with me and improve the rest of my life.”
Leslie Carlson, Landscape Designer, 50, Charlotte

• “I’ve become more disciplined, healthy, organized and calm, but that’s just a few of the ways my life has improved. The carry over value of kung fu skills to improve everyday life is phenomenal. The instructors are all enthusiastic and knowledgeable, which makes for a great learning experience.”
Kevin Deal, Student, 22, Charlotte

• “Self improvement is a spiritual necessity!”
Lyn Addy, Fitness Coach, 34, Charlotte

• “I have lost more than 50 lbs and my diabetes (Type II) has stabilized without the use of drugs. Since I started at The Peaceful Dragon I am eating better, have more energy and I am more willing to tackle difficult tasks.”
Tim Myers, Northwest, 47, Engineering Tech., Charlotte

• “Training here is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve found the patience and wisdom to keep giving myself the gift of health—physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.”
B. Dale Saufley, Sales and Design, 46, Charlotte

• “I have enjoyed immensely and benefited from the knowledge and camaraderie of my brothers and sisters. I can barely imagine not having martial arts in my life. I am on the process of overcoming obstacles in my life as well as my training. At some point, when knowledge about yourself is attained that opens up your life to a greater freedom from self-imposed stress.”
David Block, Sales Manager, 53, Charlotte

• “I am more relaxed about my shortcomings and more committed to developing strengths and solutions. I don’t feel as scattered in my approach to life and enjoy the interplay more. I can’t put a price on what I’ve learned and the person I’ve become because of my training. It’s not just what I have received but also what I have learned to give back.”
Michael Ballantyne, Quality Manager, 57, Pineville

• “It’s not like reaching the mountain top, but being able finally to see it through the clouds, so you can aspire to the summit, and then you realize it is the journey, not the goal, that matters. Membership in The Peaceful Dragon has been priceless. You cannot put a value on the peace of mind and improvement of fitness.”
Beth Rudowske, Editor, 52, Rock Hill, SC

• “It has been a gratifying experience to be at The Peaceful Dragon. The impact on my physical, mental and spiritual parts has been very positive. At times I did not know whether I would continue, but at some point I knew this was something I would be doing for the rest of my life.”
Charles Butler, Psychotherapist, 62, Charlotte

• “I have been pushed past my previous limits, making me better in all areas. The most exciting part is finally seeing all the time I’ve spent turned into natural and intuitive applications.”
Russell White, Engineer, 41, Harrisburg

• “So much of our training is mental and spiritual. I’ve experienced some trying personal times where my training and my extended family at The Peaceful Dragon have been among the few things I could count on. I cannot imagine a better investment in myself. ”
Michael Fomil, TV Producer, 40, Charlotte