Family Program Benefits

To complement the great classes offered here at The Peaceful Dragon, children and their families enjoy numerous special services and benefits. A few of these are highlighted below:

Introductory Trial Program

Benefits include:

  • Two martial arts classes each week led by our professional instructors
  • Weekly makeup class
  • Free sash rank testing and promotion ceremonies
  • Monthly “Parent Night Out” and related activities
  • Monthly newsletter

Junior Mastery Program

The Junior Mastery Program is our premier program for guiding children to achieving their Jr. Black Sash and beyond. Benefits of our Junior Mastery Program include everything in the Introductory Trial Program above, plus:

  • Monthly Junior Mastery Seminar led by Master Eric Sbarge.
    Your child will learn important secrets and skills of self-mastery and success directly from Master Sbarge. These one-hour seminars will help prepare your child for optimum success not just in martial arts but in school, in careers, and in life.
  • Fifteen minutes of Leadership training added on to each regularly-scheduled weekly class.
    Junior Mastery students enjoy a total of two extra hours of intensive Leadership training each month. This time is dedicated to learning proven leadership skills and principles as taught by nationally-recognized leadership experts.
  • Hands-on leadership experience as an Assistant to the Instructor.
    Your child will actually implement and refine the leadership skills trained in the seminars and classes by becoming an Assistant to the Instructor in our children’s martial arts program. Once the green sash is earned, your child will be assigned a martial arts class to assist with and your child will be mentored by that class’s instructor.
  • Special kung fu training within the regular class curriculum.
    Beyond our regular curriculum, Junior Mastery students enjoy fun and motivating training in our Jr. Black Sash Curriculum including ground grappling, exciting kung fu weapons, and special forms that aren’t available to Introductory Program students.
  • Unlimited Classes – Option to take up to five regular group classes each week.
    Our curriculum is designed to guide Junior Mastery Program students to their Jr. Black Sash and beyond by coming to their required two classes per week, but Mastery students have the option to come more often as desired.
  • Exciting Mastery Curriculum.
    Beyond what is taught in the Introductory Program, Mastery Students learn exciting ground grappling skills, kung fu weaponry, special forms and more.
  • Optional Weekly Competition Team class.
    For green sash and above, students will perfect their empty-hand and weapons forms, and sparring skills, in this special one-hour class led by Master Eric Sbarge.
  • Exciting optional training in traditional Chinese Lion Dancing.
    Your child will build important team skills, fitness and agility while having great fun with the Lion Dance Team training.
  • Options for huge discounts on private classes.
    Your child will likely do just fine learning everything in our group classes, but it’s nice to have the option for huge savings on private classes with our professional instructors to review or advance with our curriculum.
  • Special Junior Mastery Program uniform.
    To recognize those who have pledged their “Commitment to Leadership and Success” black t-shirt is worn with pride exclusively by Junior Mastery Program members.

Junior Mastery Program Eligibility Requirements

The Peaceful Dragon’s core continuing-education children’s program, our premier Junior Mastery Program, is open to children aged 3 to 12. To be eligible, the student must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Successfully pass first promotion test.
  2. Be recommended by his or her instructors (based on good attitude, behavior and genuine effort in class).
  3. Have steady attendance (minimum average of two classes per week).
  4. Demonstrate positive conduct at home and at school as confirmed by the parent and teacher.
  5. Have application form turned in by assigned deadline, and approved by student’s instructors and our Head Instructor, Master Eric Sbarge.


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