Choosing the Right Kung Fu Studio

Whether you are an experienced martial arts student or a beginner, who is in search of the right kung fu studio in Charlotte, The Peaceful Dragon invites you to visit our studio.

There are many benefits to joining a martial arts school, for both mind and body, which we often write about.  If you have found yourself in search of a kung fu studio, we encourage you to consider The Peaceful Dragon, for much of your overall experience will be dictated by the environment you choose.

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The Peaceful Dragon is so much more than just a kung fu studio.

At The Peaceful Dragon, you will find yourself in an immersive environment, where students and teachers strive to reach and maintain health and wellness.  We offer an array of martial arts courses to help you achieve your physical, mental, and spiritual goals.  What are some of the benefits of choosing our kung fu studio?

At the Peaceful Dragon, you are family.

By joining our martial arts school, you will become a part of our family.  At The Peaceful Dragon, we always strive to impress upon our students the importance of acceptance, encouragement, and loyalty.  You will always be met with respect and encouragement by our staff, as well as other members.  We foster an environment, where our students (family members) feel at home, at ease, and comfortable enough to receive mind, body, and spiritual offerings.  With our support, you will be relaxed and unafraid of becoming vulnerable.  You will be bold enough to try and fail and try again, because you will be accepted as you are, not judged for it.

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Our martial arts class schedules are accommodating.

Life can be a whirlwind, personally and professionally.  We understand that our students cannot simply arrive at one or two statically-scheduled classes every week, week after week, year after year.  The Peaceful Dragon’s fluid class schedule will help you make martial arts a part of your regular routine, even if your calendar is ever-changing.  We offer classes seven days per week, at a variety of times, in four separate studio spaces.

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Of course, we offer kung fu, but there is so much more.

At The Peaceful Dragon, you will find a robust offering of martial arts and yoga classes.  Our martial arts approach is steeped in the traditional teachings of Zen meditation, the Chinese philosophies of Confucianism and Taoism, the yoga sutras, and Tibetan tantric practices paired with physical exercise.  This means while you are improving your physical fitness and health, you will also be improving your mind and spirit.

Student Review: “After only a short time I have experienced the benefits of training here. Everyone has been helpful and welcoming to new students. The instructors are highly experienced in the arts they teach. The Peaceful Dragon offers much more than just a training studio. They are committed to multiple art forms and encourage good health and wellness. I look forward to continuing my training with everyone at the studio.”
-Brian P.

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The Peaceful Dragon is led by experienced professional instructors.

Our martial arts classes are taught by instructors, who have dedicated their lives to the study and practices of martial arts, tai chi, Zen meditation, yoga, and much more.  Our Director and Head Instructor, Eric Sbarge brings more than 40 years’ training and experience to The Peaceful Dragon martial arts school, passing those attributes to the certified instructors at the school.  He is additionally versed in East Asian philosophies and cultures.  If you are in search of authentic, professional martial arts instruction in Charlotte, The Peaceful Dragon should be your choice.

Are you ready to embark on your own transformative journey with the best martial arts school in Charlotte?  Start today with a free semi-private introductory martial arts lesson and studio tour.  Call to schedule. 704-504-8866

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