Does Yoga Make You Taller?

yoga in CharlotteThere are a great deal of claims about what practicing Yoga can do for you. So very many are true, but a few are not completely accurate. We sometimes field questions from our members in regards to rumors they have heard that seemed too good to be true.

We have been asked a few times “Can Yoga Make Me Taller?”

Short Answer: No.

Yoga cannot perform the miraculous act of extending the length of your skeleton.

Long Answer:

The reason this misconception is out there is because Yoga can indeed change your perceived height.  Yoga can make you appear taller.

How Does Yoga Make You Look Taller?

Several benefits of regular yoga practice can allow you to regain your actual height.

  1. Yoga strengthens your back and spine, which does improve your posture. Improved posture can allow you to appear significantly taller than when you are slouched or otherwise.
  2. Yoga practice also improves your body awareness. This awareness adds to your standing straighter and taller too.
  3. Strengthening and lengthening muscles through yoga classes can add to the appearance that you are taller as well. As your body becomes leaner, your height naturally becomes more evident.
  4. Stretching can reverse compression of gravity making you slightly taller until compression returns.

Our true belief:

Short or tall, wide or thin, all bodies are beautiful so focus on being strong and healthy from within.

If you want to stand up straighter, have better posture, and look taller – consider giving our Charlotte Yoga classes a try. We offer a free introductory tour and class so you can find out if yoga at the Peaceful Dragon is right for you. Call or click to get started today! 704-504-8866

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