Frequently Asked Questions about Classes

What should I wear to class?

Your Peaceful Dragon uniform which you received when you signed up: white t-shirt, black pants and sash. Wear any athletic shoes of your choice as long as they have non-marking soles. No jewelry of any type is allowed for the safety of yourself and your classmates.

Why are there different color uniforms?

The white uniform shirt that you received when you joined lets us know at a glance who is new to the class. Black t-shirts are the uniform color for the Mastery Program.

Testing and promotions, what is that about?

To ensure your optimal progress and monitoring, we have scheduled testing at which we promote students to the next level. The levels are Blocks A, B, C, and D. This is detailed on the Members Section of our website, which you need to read thoroughly.

Should I practice outside of classes?

Yes, this is very important. It doesn’t matter if you want to get in better shape, to be more flexible, to become a better fighter, or to learn to deal with stress and become more focused, daily practice will help you reach all of your goals.

If I am feeling some soreness and discomfort, or I have an injury, should I still work out?

Yes, of course you should. Some soreness and discomfort at first are not only normal, but they are a good sign that you are challenging your body to get stronger and healthier! However, you may need to modify or skip certain exercises or routines that aren’t appropriate for you due to any specific physical issues you may have.

If I want to get additional information on the arts that I study, what should I do?

Read! Read! Read! Master Sbarge has selected books of interest, listed on our books page. Also, the Internet has an unlimited number of articles and web pages – just don’t believe everything you read!

What if I want to step out during class or leave early?

Please do not leave class unless you have a serious reason to do so. We do not want people casually coming and going during class. If you have to leave, it is very important for you to ask the instructor first and tell him or her why. This is both good manners and for your safety.

Should I come if I’m late for class?

Make every effort not to be late for class. If you are late for some unavoidable reason, of course come to class. Simply bow to the instructor and let him or her know what happened as soon as the opportunity to do so without disrupting class presents itself.

Teaching – who can teach?

Other than Master Sbarge, only appointed instructors can teach and only in their appointed class. Other than this, do not teach anything and do not ask anyone to teach you anything. This is good manners and also crucial for your progress so that you receive proper instruction in the material.

The above questions should be helpful and already cover a lot of ground. Learning, however, takes time, and so don’t be in too big of a hurry – enjoy the process of learning.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

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