What are the Health Benefits Of Yoga and Meditation When Practiced Together?

Yoga and MeditationA lot of people who practice meditation need to ground themselves in their bodies. Yoga practitioners are often preoccupied with their bodies, with the physical and fitness aspect. Sometimes when they get home after their Yoga class, they can easily feel uptight and irritated, again losing their inner balance.

Meditation helps get to the core, to open the heart and develop a more stable, balanced and calmer mind. Yoga was originally designed to support the practice of meditation, since it makes sitting practice more relaxed and balanced. It is said to purify and cleanse the body, calm the nervous system and balance the hormones.

When practiced together, yoga and meditation strengthen the connection between mind and body, thereby improving overall fitness and wellbeing. Many forms of yoga combine meditation with the physical sequences, which use controlled breathing throughout the yoga poses.

One can meditate without practicing yoga by simply relaxing, clearing the mind and concentrating on controlled breathing. Both yoga and meditation, when used consistently, have proven health benefits. Following are a few.

Stress Management:

Regular yoga practice helps to decrease stress responses in your body. Reducing the inflammatory response to stressors on your body will help reduce your chance of stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Similarly, meditation is an effective stress reducer that is used to help reduce anxiety, panic disorders and agoraphobia, which is an anxiety disorder.

Improved Flexibility:

Today’s society is plagued by sedentary jobs where workers sit for the majority of the day, leading to diminished muscle mass, fitness and flexibility. In addition, office work puts more strain on the neck and shoulder from hunching over in front of a computer all day. Yoga poses focus on stretching and lengthening the muscles to increase flexibility and help you with daily movements such lifting and bending. Many athletes incorporate yoga into their workout schedules to improve or maintain flexibility.

Provide Emotional Boost:

Both yoga and meditation improve mental focus and deliver a general feeling of wellbeing. Many yoga disciplines are based around an upbeat theme. Some yoga philosophy seeks the good in all things and is created for an uplifting experience focused on the celebration of the heart. Studies have found that yoga participants are happy, peaceful and upbeat in contrast to the control group who experienced a decrease in general wellbeing.

Meditation provides an emotional boost through concentrated relaxation, and it can be done anywhere. You can give yourself an emotional boost by taking a 10-minute meditation break right at your desk by simply shutting your eyes, focusing on relaxing your muscles and practicing deep breathing.

Improved Diet:

Studies suggest that practicing yoga leads to better eating habits by improving fitness and body awareness. This in turn leads to increased self-esteem and the desire to take care of your body. Practicing meditation or yoga is a behavior modification technique that can help you improve your overall fitness.

Enhanced Health:

Reducing your stress level, eating healthier and getting more exercise can of course only lead to better health. Modern life is full of stressful situations, fatigue from long hours and little sleep, allergies, anxiety disorders and a long list of stress-related diseases. By adding yoga or meditation to your life you will improve the quality and possibly the length of your life. It also means you can participate in more physical activities and just feel better in the things you do daily.

In combining yoga and meditation, you will learn how to relax not only the body, but also about undoing the knots in your heart and mind. If you would like more information regarding how yoga and meditation can help you, call or stop by today – we’re here to help!

20 thoughts on “What are the Health Benefits Of Yoga and Meditation When Practiced Together?

  1. Tomas Killington

    My wife has had some emotional problems recently. She’s looking for activities that can help her get back to normal. I didn’t realize yoga can give you a boost in focus and feelings of well being. I’ll be sure to share this info with my wife.

  2. Ernest London

    Thanks for the information about yoga. I didn’t realize that yoga helped with better eating habits. I struggle with digestive problems and poor eating, so any help is welcome. I will have to give yoga a try and see if it helps me!

  3. Anika

    Nice ! grate information … Morning yoga stretch is like an alarm for our body and mind as it helps us to relax, focus, and get energised.

  4. Naomi

    Nice blog! It feels good to know the benefits of practicing Yoga and meditation. While reading this I made up my mind to include them in my daily life so that I can get the amazing benefits. Thanks for sharing such great stuff.

  5. Amy Winters

    I appreciate that you explained that desk jobs could cause muscle strain, and taking yoga classes can help strengthen those muscles. Someone recently told me that they enjoy the calm they feel after attending yoga. Thanks for helping me understand why it is important to exercise after working at a desk all day.

  6. Utopia Pure

    Yoga is all about connection. Practice yoga with your family can improve the overall physical and mental health. Here are the benefits of family yoga:

    Improve their flexibility and strengthen the body
    Help enhance the ability of responsibility
    Aims to manage stress and anxiety
    Assist in focusing
    Remain relaxed and peaceful

  7. Alec Burns

    It’s good that you point out that meditation helps you develop a calmer mind. I want to find a way to be calmer, so I’m considering taking a meditation class. I’m going to look for a good meditation class in my area to attend.


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