How Can I Counteract the Negative Effects of Sitting at Work All Day?

It is common for today’s professionals to be required to sit for a majority of their day. Usually at a desk. And while sit/stand desks have provided tremendous benefits and you may even have a treadmill desk, there are still negative health risks that come with sitting and being still for so much of your day.

Serious Health Risks from Sitting All Day

The Mayo Clinic reports obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels, metabolic syndrome, and excess body fat around the waste to be some of the negative results of sitting all day. It also increases your risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The Physical Toll

According to, sitting all day can also be associated with decreased core (abs and back) strength, stress on your spine (chronic back pain), weak legs and glutes, tight hips, and a stiff neck and shoulders. But all these challenges brought on by sitting at work can be counteracted with specific efforts.

Counteracting the Negative Physical Effects of a Desk Job

Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Yoga are all extremely beneficial activities for counteracting the quintessential desk job. In fact, a large portion of our members come in from the I.T. and Banking industries. They DO sit all day. And they are seeking to learn an art that is physically and mentally engaging to counteract their career requirements. To counteract sitting all day you need to get active and fit while improving strength and flexibility.  Here is how a Peaceful Dragon membership can help:

Martial Arts Class Makes You Sweat

Practicing Kung Fu at the Peaceful Dragon will make you sweat. You will work hard, you will benefit from cardiovascular exercise and will gain strength and stamina all the while. While actively sweating you will engage your core for stability, your legs in forms and kicks, and your arms, shoulders, and neck in forms, blocks, and punches. Kung Fu is a total body workout to aid in reversing the effect of sitting all day long.

Tai Chi for Strengthening

A key component of Tai Chi is controlled slow movements. Over time, your body gains a great deal of strength, especially in the abdominals and back, and other stabilizing muscles such as your legs. Tai Chi is accessible to people who are out-of-shape, giving them an opportunity to combat pain and other negative health effects of sitting all day at work without the “No Pain, No Gain” intimidation.

Yoga for Stretching and Posture

One of the earliest signs you may experience most noticeably from sitting all day is a change in your posture and the weakening of the core. Is anyone hunched over their desk while reading this right now? Yoga classes are known to strengthen and lengthen the body in all the key areas for ideal posture, which you can then take back to work with you to practice good posture in your desk chair.

Being active and making sure you are fit from head to toe is one of the best ways you can counteract a sitting all day. In addition to classes at the Peaceful Dragon, make sure you take regular breaks from your chair at least every thirty minutes, stand when the work you are doing allows it, take the stairs instead of the elevator and try to fit in some walking where possible throughout your day (during meetings or breaks).

If you’re ready to feel better, improve your health, and keep your career thriving, give The Peaceful Dragon a try today. We offer a free introductory semi-private lesson and tour of the school so you can make the decision that is right for you. Call today: 704.504.8866

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