How to Lose Weight with Charlotte Martial Arts and Tai Chi

It is not a secret to most of our readers that regular Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Yoga practice can all help you lose weight. But, you may not know the best way to approach these classes if indeed weight loss is one of your top goals. Attending class regularly is a great start, as the activity itself will burn calories, build strength, increase energy and reduces stress. It also puts you on the right path to developing a routine that can be maintained, long-term, for a lifetime of better health.

But how can you maximize the weight loss benefits?

At the Peaceful Dragon, our adult membership is, in fact, a comprehensive program for building good health. Membership allows you to partake in Kung Fu classes, Tai Chi classes, and Yoga classes. When you take advantage of all three, you gain the benefits of all three!

Tai Chi is especially great for those who have not been active and need to get started slowly to avoid injury. If you’re out of shape or recovering from an injury it can be a struggle to get moving again due to pain, compounding the need to lose weight, but Tai Chi gets you moving. Getting moving is often the largest hurdle of all. And because Tai Chi is low-impact, anyone can do it.

In addition to movement, Tai Chi helps you lose weight by reducing stress, decreasing your dependency on unhealthy vices and bad habits. It also contributes to your increased strength and sets you on a path of good habits for a slow weight loss that can be maintained long-term.

Yoga is a great weight loss activity as it burns calories, builds muscle and reduces stress. More intense than Tai Chi, Yoga will improve stability, balance, core strength and result in long-term weight loss and a lean body.

Our martial art of choice is Kung Fu. Kung Fu helps you lose weight in a more traditional sense of being a highly active workout with a combination of cardio and strength-building that really gets your heart pumping and the calories burning.

Varying Activities for Maximum Weight Loss

Each of these three activities involves different stances, different muscles, and therefore you can maximize your full body health by engaging in all three. When it comes to weight loss, switching things up and keeping your body working is good for continuous steady results.

In addition, you’ll have fun spending time with health-minded people in a judgment-free zone where you can progress at your own pace. You’ll be encouraged to eat healthfully and make healthy choices throughout your life.

We offer regular health seminars as part of your membership where you can even learn how to eat more wholesome and cut out the junk. Healthy eating habits are an essential addition to exercise. We teach optimal eating choices from both the latest Western research and from the perspectives of Traditional Chinese Medicine in all our programs.

Are you ready to better manage your stress, increase your mind-body connection, and finally lose that weight for good? There is no better place to try Martial Arts, Tai Chi or Yoga in Charlotte than the Peaceful Dragon. We offer a free no obligation tour and introductory class. Call today to schedule or sign up here704-504-8866

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