Important Information for All Registrants – Please Read the Following Section Carefully

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo skyline with Mt. Fuji in the background.

When registering: In addition to sending your registration form and payment to the travel agent, YOU MUST EMAIL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION to Master Eric Sbarge, head instructor at The Peaceful Dragon, at Your name, your roommate’s name (or indicate if you would like us to assign a roommate, or you want a single room), your phone number, your email address, and which affiliate school (if any) you are a member of.

Dates: We depart JFK (New York) on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, and return to JFK on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. Flight times will be announced as soon as they are available.

Travelers from outside of New York: Charlotte students will have a round-trip group flight to New York JFK organized by the travel agent (at additional cost) or you can make your own round trip travel arrangements to JFK. Other out-of-state students please arrange your own transportation to and from JFK. Sonic Travel & Tours (Tel 888-266-8988) will be happy to help you with this, or you can book it on your own. Either way select a flight that gets you into JFK with plenty of spare time (in case your flight is late) to make the international flight.

Fees and Payment: Japan has always been expensive, and prices in China as well as airline prices have risen dramatically year by year, but our agency has worked hard to negotiate the best rates available for this customized tour. The Peaceful Dragon has carefully researched several China specialty travel agencies to compare prices and service, and we have contacted several references of groups that have traveled to China. We are confident that our chosen agency, Sonic Travel, is providing us with a top-quality experience at the best price and value possible, as they did for our previous tours.

Note: You are paying your fee and contracting for your trip directly with the travel agency (Sonic Travel). The Peaceful Dragon and affiliate schools are not and cannot be responsible for your trip financially, for bodily injuries, or otherwise, and cannot be liable for any losses you may incur.

Extra Spending Money: For incidentals such as non-included meals, snacks, tour-guide tips, bottled water, gifts and the like, we suggest bringing a minimum of three to five hundred dollars additional.

Passport: If you do not already have a current passport, order it right away. Do not wait, as you may then have difficulty securing your required China Visa on time. If your current passport expires within six months of the trip you must get a new passport. Be sure to photocopy your passport before sending it to the agency, and send it by secure mail.

Visa Requirement: The travel agency will secure your required China Visa. The fee is currently $215, but that is subject to change by the Chinese government at any time so the sooner you order it the better. (See instructions on the Payment Information page).

Vaccinations: Vaccinations are not required, however your physician can recommend any vaccinations you should have, or refer you to a physician or agency that specializes in travel vaccinations. Do not wait on this; some vaccines may require multiple doses over a period of time.

Questions? Feel free to e-mail Master Eric Sbarge at, or contact our travel agency toll-free at 1-888-266-8988 (California time).

Suzhou, China

The lingering garden in Suzhou, China.

What to Bring

Travel as light as possible! For emphasis, let’s repeat – travel as light as possible! One checked suitcase is all that is allowed by Chinese airlines – do not even think of taking two. You can bring an additional carry-on suitcase if small enough. Laundry services are available in the hotels so don’t bring excessive clothing. Pack with some empty space in your luggage—you will likely want to bring gifts or souvenirs home. Consider placing some of your clothing in a friend’s bag and vice versa in the event a bag is lost (which can happen).

  • Passport with necessary visas
  • The dress standard for most places in Japan and China would best be described as casual. The temperatures will likely vary so bring layers.
  • Wallet or purse
  • Credit cards (notify your bank ahead of time that you will be in Japan and China so they don’t decline your charges)
  • Airline tickets
  • First-aid kit
  • Snack foods
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Rainwear and umbrella
  • Printed itinerary with confirmation numbers and addresses and phone numbers of the places you’ll be staying
  • Daily necessities such as bathroom requirements are readily available throughout Japan and China and you may wish to save space by purchasing these items while you travel
  • Many public bathrooms still do NOT supply toilet paper in some parts of China. You should carry your own packets of tissue at all times.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes to practice tai chi/yoga/meditation
  • Do not bring expensive jewelry and watches, or anything else that is unnecessary

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