Monthly Classes, Discussions, and Seminars

Generally, the schedule each month is as follows:

Mastery Roundtable is  the First Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm
Yoga Seminar is the First Thursday of the month at 6:30-8:30pm
Jr. Mastery Seminar is the First Saturday of the month at 12pm

However, because of other one-time events that interfere, several dates have been adjusted, and in a couple of cases times have also been adjusted. The schedule below reflects those adjustments. Any entry in red is either a different time or different day of the month from the usual.

Please Note: Additional changes may be announced throughout the year due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts.


January 2020

Jan. 4 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Wu-De: Martial Arts Respect and Virtue
Jan. 7 Mastery Roundtable – Wu-De: Martial Arts Respect and Virtue
Jan. 9 Yoga Seminar – Yamas & Niyamas


Feb. 5 Mastery Roundtable – Unlocking the Wisdom of Zen Koans and Parables
Feb. 8 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Creating Authority as a Leader
Feb. 13 Yoga Seminar – Eight Limb Path of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga)


Mar. 4 Mastery Roundtable – Optimizing Your Diet for Personal Health and a Sustainable Planet
Mar. 5 Yoga Seminar – Modern History of Yoga w/Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice
Mar. 7 Jr. Mastery Seminar – The Psychology of Winning


Apr. 1 Mastery Roundtable – Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: Practical Guidance Beyond the Combat Field
Apr. 2 Yoga Seminar – Pranayama – The Importance of Breath in Yoga
Apr. 4 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Positive vs Negative Peer Influence


May 6 Mastery Roundtable – Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine
May 7 Yoga Seminar – Importance of Bandhas for Stability in Asana Practice
May 9 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Public Speaking with Confidence


Jun. 3 Mastery Roundtable – Meditations from Chan Grandmaster Venerable Sheng Yen
Jun. 4 Yoga Seminar -Introduction to Chakras with Hatha Surya Namaskar Meditation
Jun. 13 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Leadership: Setting the Example


Jul. 1 Mastery Roundtable – Self-Defense Strategies and Tactics – Including Awareness
Jul. 2 Yoga Seminar – Mantrayana – The Energy of Sound with Japa Mantra (Repetition of Mantra)
Jul. 11 Jr Mastery Seminar – Managing Your Time Effectively


Aug. 1 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Dealing with Bullies and Self-Defense Strategies
Aug. 5 Mastery Roundtable – Living the Tao: Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching
Aug. 6 Yoga Seminar – Mudras & the Art of Communication – How to Direct your Prana


Sept. 2 Mastery Roundtable – Setting Effective Goals – While Letting Go Effectively
Sept. 3 Yoga Seminar – Cross Mat Practice
Sept. 5 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Maintaining a Black Sash Attitude


Oct. 1 Yoga Seminar – Introduction to the Practice of Shiva Nata
Oct. 3 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Eating and Lifestyle Habits of a Champion
Oct. 7 Mastery Roundtable – Life Lessons from the Confucian Analects


Nov. 4 Mastery Roundtable – Leadership Principles to Guide Others – and Yourself – Toward Success
Nov. 5 Yoga Seminar – Practicing with Intention – The Role of Agni (fire) in Yoga
Nov. 7 Jr. Mastery Seminar – How to Set and Achieve Your Goals


Dec. 2 Mastery Roundtable – Interpreting the Tai Chi Classics
Dec. 3 Yoga Seminar – Yin & Yoga Nidra – Stepping into the Peaceful Season
Dec. 5 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Cultivating Loving Kindness and Compassion

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