Monthly Classes, Discussions, and Seminars

Generally, the schedule each month is as follows:

Mastery Roundtable is the First Tuesday of the month at 8pm
Lecture and Discussion is the Third Thursday of the month at 8pm
Yoga Seminar is the First Thursday of the month at 6:30-8:30pm
Jr. Mastery Seminar is the First Saturday of the month at 12pm

However, because of other one-time events that interfere, several dates have been adjusted, and in a couple of cases times have also been adjusted. The schedule below reflects those adjustments. Any entry in red is either a different time or different day of the month from the usual.

Please Note: Additional changes may be announced throughout the year due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts.

December 2018

Dec. 1 Jr. Mastery Seminar – PPPPP Prior Planning Prevents Poor Production
Dec. 4 Mastery Roundtable – Mudras and Bandhas (Energetic Seals and Locks) in Internal Practices
Dec. 6 Yoga Seminar – Quieting the Mind
Dec. 20 Lecture/Discussion – NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Psycho-Cybernetics: Tools for Achieving Self-Improvement Goals

January 2019

Jan. 3 Yoga Seminar
Jan. 5 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Wu-De: Martial Virtue
Jan. 8 Mastery Roundtable – Leadership Principles to Guide Others – and Yourself – Toward Success
Jan. 17 Lecture/Discussion – Wu-De: Virtue as the core of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts


Feb. 5 Mastery Roundtable – Cultivating Compassion and Wisdom: Zen Definitions and Methods
Feb. 7 Yoga Seminar
Feb. 9 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Creating Authority as a Leader
Feb. 21 Lecture/Discussion – Ancient Confucian Analects for Modern Times


Mar. 2 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Secrets for Winning: Strategies from Coach Vince Lombardi
Mar. 5 Mastery Roundtable – Eating: Beyond Personal Health Toward a Sustainable Planet
Mar. 7 Yoga Seminar
Mar. 21 Lecture/Discussion – How to Effectively Manage Your Stress


Apr. 2 Mastery Roundtable – Sun Tzu: Practical Guidance Outside the Combat Field
Apr. 4 Yoga Seminar
Apr. 6 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Positive vs Negative Peer Influence
Apr. 18 Lecture/Discussion – Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine


May 2 Yoga Seminar
May 7 Mastery Roundtable – Atomic Habits: Improving the Little Details for Big Results
May 11 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Public Speaking with Confidence
May 16 Lecture/Discussion – 64 Principles of Success (And Why 64?)


Jun. 1 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Zen Stories and Parables
Jun. 4 Mastery Roundtable – Chan (Zen) Meditations from Venerable Sheng Yen
Jun. 6 Yoga Seminar
Jun. 20 Lecture/Discussion – Seven Practical Improvements to Your Diet


Jul. 2 Mastery Roundtable – Combat and Self-Defense Strategies and Tactics
Jul. 6 Jr Mastery Seminar – Managing Your Time Effectively
Jul. 11 Yoga Seminar
Jul. 18 Lecture/Discussion – Zen Philosophy, Zen Lifestyle


Aug. 1 Yoga Seminar
Aug. 3 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Dealing with Bullies
Aug. 6 Mastery Roundtable – Living the Tao: Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu
Aug. 15 Lecture/Discussion – How to Permanently Overcome Bad Habits


Sept. 3 Mastery Roundtable – What to Say When You Talk to Yourself
Sept. 5 Yoga Seminar
Sept. 7 Jr. Mastery Seminar – What is a Black Sash Attitude?
Sept. 19 Lecture/Discussion – Comparing and Contrasting Martial Arts Styles and Systems


Oct. 1 Mastery Roundtable – Traditional Kung Fu/TCM Remedies for Injuries and Illness
Oct. 3 Yoga Seminar
Oct. 5 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Eating and Lifestyle Habits of a Champion
Oct. 10 Lecture/Discussion – Taoist Wisdom on the Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu)


Nov. 2 Jr. Mastery Seminar – How to Set and Achieve Your Goals
Nov. 5 Mastery Roundtable – The Psychology of Winning
Nov. 7 Yoga Seminar
Nov. 21 Lecture/Discussion – Goal-Setting to Maximize Personal Achievement


Dec. 3 Mastery Roundtable – Interpreting the Tai Chi Classics
Dec. 5 Yoga Seminar
Dec. 7 Jr. Mastery Seminar – Cultivating Loving Kindness and Compassion
Dec. 19 Lecture/Discussion – Vitamins, Supplements and Herbs: How Useful Are They?
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