Instill Healthiness in Your Children From a Young Age with More Exercise, More Sleep, and Less Screen Time

You’ve heard about it in the news for years now, how children under a certain age should have limited screen time. It can be hard to know what to do when the options for television, streaming video, and handheld gaming are so plentiful, accessible, and desirable.

In April of this year, the World Health Organization released its guideline for children under five. They say:

• Children under 1 should have ZERO exposure to electronic screens
• Children from 2 – 4 years old should have less than 1 hour of screen time each day

A variety of studies have shown a connection between screen time and developmental delays, behavioral issues, and issues with memory, attention span, social, and communication skills.

They go on to remind us that it is not just about the screens, but about their habits as well. Children under 5 should have more exercise and more sleep to develop healthy habits and decrease chances for obesity and diseases.

Enrolling your child in an extracurricular sport is a great way to keep them active in a fun environment. We absolutely recommend our children’s martial arts classes as not only a great way to get exercise, but with our full character development program, your child will learn that choosing healthy habits is the cool thing to do for better health and happiness.

Limit Screen Time in Older Kids Too

The National Institute of Health (NIH) is in the midst of a study about the effects of screen time on children’s brains. They’ve conducted brain scans of 11,000 nine and ten-year-old kids over the course of 10 years.

Still in progress, preliminary findings seem to suggest a thinning of the cortex (the part of the brain that processes information from the five senses) in children who spend more than 7 hours a day on their screens.

They have also found that children using screens for two or more hours a day have lower scores on language and thinking tests.

The NIH study is still in progress and is also aiming to find out if screens are addictive. A question many a Fortnite and Minecraft parents have asked themselves daily.

Children’s Martial Arts Class Instead of Screen Time

While the research is still being conducted, it is safe to conclude that screens are mostly utilized in a sedentary fashion. And a sedentary lifestyle is bad for everyone’s health, not just children.

If you’re ready to encourage your child to get moving, get off the screens, and develop good habits for a lifelong dedication to healthy living, consider enrolling them in Charlotte kids martial arts classes at The Peaceful Dragon today. Call 704-504-8866 today to schedule your FREE introductory tour, orientation, and first lesson.

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