Junior Mastery Guidelines

Assistant Instructor Guidelines for Assigned Class

  1.  Be to your class 15 minutes early to discuss curriculum and activities with your instructor. If it is impossible for you to get there early, you should discuss curriculum on a day prior to your class.
  2. If you must miss your class, it is required that you call or otherwise notify our staff ahead of time. It is not acceptable to fail to show up without notifying staff.
  3. You cannot miss more than one class a month, on average.

Your Role Within the Class

  1.  At the start and end of class, line up next to the instructor. You bow to the instructor along with all other students. The instructor will then have all students bow to you as their “older sibling” in the class.
  2. The instructor will brief you ahead of time on what he or she would like you to do to help in each class, based on your Leadership Level.
  3. Expect, and insist on, respect and good effort from all of the students you work with. Demonstrate good respect by always saying Yes or No Sir or Ma’am, and bowing to your instructor.
  4. The only activity Junior Mastery students cannot assist with is Testing students; that is only done by instructors.
  5. Always follow the good teaching strategies and methods that you learn at your Junior Mastery seminars and Leadership classes. We will frequently review and update those lessons.
  6. Parents may have friendly questions or comments, which you should answer as politely and completely as possible. However, if parents have complaints or specific issues with their child, or questions that you don’t know the answer to, let the instructor know and he or she will handle those cases.