Junior Mastery Program Levels

Level One:

All students in Junior Mastery from white to green sash

  • Be a positive role-model in and out of classroom
  • Volunteer at special events
  • Help make new students feel welcomed in class
  • Assist with lining up the class before class begins
  • Put away all training equipment after class

Level Two:

Purple sash students are assigned to a class as an Assistant to the Instructor

  • Update Superstars chart in beginners’ class room
  • Pass out fliers at end of class
  • Hold pads during drills
  • Work out in front of class to set a good example
  • Write “good job” notes to reward students
  • Assistants must not miss more than one class per month on average

Level Three:

Minimum of six months as Assistant to Instructor

  • Help correct students in class
  • Incorporate teaching modalities such as Praise, Correct, Praise
  • Lead warm-ups
  • Provide one-on-one instructional help with students in class

Level Four:

Minimum of twelve months as Assistant to Instructor

  • Create lesson plan for the day
  • Lead group drills and activities
  • Assist in teaching life-skills lessons
  • Assist in teaching Powerful Words

Level Five:

Minimum of 18 months as Assistant to Instructor

  • Eligible to be hired as Paid Assistant Instructor (must be at least 16 years old)

Note: Promotion from one level to the next will take place at our Quarterly Promotion Ceremony. Promotion requires the prior approval of two instructors. Junior Mastery Students must advance to at least Level III to test for Junior Black Sash.