Frequently Asked Questions about Children/Family Classes

We’ve noticed that parents seem to ask certain questions while enjoying the exciting experience of enrolling their child at The Peaceful Dragon, so we thought giving you the answers right away would be a good idea…

All Children’s Programs (Ages 3-12)

What should we wear to classes?

Students should wear the Peaceful Dragon uniform: white t-shirt, black pants and the sash. Any athletic shoe or sneaker is fine as long as it has non-marking soles. No jewelry, please (ear rings, necklaces watches, etc.), for safety of all of the students.

Which classes can my child/family come to?

You can come to the two classes that you chose when you enrolled, as well as one make up class per month as needed to make up for missed classes. Please always let us know if you or your child are going to miss class.

Should we practice outside of classes?

Yes, and we highly recommend it. It doesn’t matter if you want to get in better shape, or develop better focus/disciplined, or become a better person, or learn to deal with bullies, or become more confident, daily practice can only help your child and you reach those goals faster.

How does the attendance system work?

You will have an attendance card created and placed in a box near the classroom.  Each class, pull out your card and present it to your instructor at the start of class.

What happens if my child has to miss a class?

Please make every effort to attend a consistent schedule of class days and times each week. If your child must miss his or her regularly-scheduled class during the week, you can make it up at any other similar class during the week.

Should I bring my child in if we are late for class?

Make every effort not to be late for class. If you are late for some unavoidable reason, of course bring your child to class.

Can we come to more classes to train more?

Yes, after your child/family passes the first stripe test (usually takes a month or two) you’re eligible to be invited to move from the introductory program to one of our regular memberships, the Junior Mastery Program for Children and Mastery Program for adults. Once you one of these two programs you will be able to expand your training.

Why are there different color uniforms?

The white uniform shirt that you received when you signed up is to let us know at a glance who is in the Trial Introductory Program. The other colors are for our regular ongoing programs. Black t-shirts show who the Junior Mastery and Mastery members are.

Testing and promotion, what is that about?

To ensure the progression of all the students here, we have scheduled testing and Promotions for those students who successfully pass their test to the next level. Students are tested in class for their stripes, and are then promoted from one level to another quarterly at our Promotional Demonstration. This demonstration is very important for the children because it allows them to show what they have learned, get recognition for their accomplishments, and gain inspiration from seeing what other higher level students are doing.

I understand that there are character sheets for all students to complete. Are they required to do them?

Yes, they are part of the curriculum here and required to promote. Aside from this, they are very popular amongst the parents here and will enhance your child’s progress in all areas immensely.

The above questions should be helpful and already covers a lot of ground – we will see you soon for your two week meeting where we will go into more detail and give you the chance to ask any questions you have.

Good luck and congratulations. We’re confident you’ll agree that you’ve joined a great program!