Why Meditation is Important for Martial Arts in Charlotte

Martial Arts in CharlotteTo reach the full potential as a student of martial arts in Charlotte, you must begin by training your mind. One way to accomplish this mission is through meditation to enhance your awareness, calm and focus. And these are all very important factors in martial arts.

Without awareness, you will not be able to engage in a battle without getting hit. Without focus, you will not be able to choose the right opportunity to strike or defend, which could be disastrous. Without calmness, you will not be able to focus or relax. And if you tense up out of fear, you will burn out quickly. You must learn how to manipulate your energy so it will not disappear unused.

The Role of Meditation in Martial Arts in Charlotte

Meditation plays an important part in martial arts across the entire world. It’s often overlooked because the thrill of combat typically seems more important, but for those who take the time to include some form of stillness and self-examination into their learning claim it makes their martial arts training complete.

Martial arts, including Jujitsu, Aikido, Karate and more, use meditation for a few reasons. Here are a few.

Conscience awakening: Questioning one’s motivation for training is important. It’s not easy to be honest with yourself regarding why you train in your martial art in Charlotte, and it’s very likely that the purpose that first drove you to start is very different from what continues to motivate you. Meditation is a place where you can question your motives, your approach and the responsibilities you feel that accompany your growing power.

Reviewing techniques in your mind: Meditation provides another way to turn things around in your mind and replay moves with precise changes. Meditation helps you to isolate footwork, gravity, balance, flow, state of mind, power, timing, and everything else that make your movements truly insightful.

Removing demons and boosting self-control: Meditation is also used for clearing one’s head of thoughts and feelings that have no place or that could be a weakness in combat, such as impulsive anger or jealousy. We all possess these elements, and ignoring or repressing them creates a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Boxers, athletes and rock stars focus themselves before a big challenge. Meditation is there to clear your head, center your self and focus your energy.

Healing powers: The effectiveness is difficult to prove, and perhaps it’s just misconception, but meditation with martial arts in Charlotte has been used for thousands of years to heal faster – especially in Chinese disciplines such as Qigong.

Becoming still: Meditation can be described in many ways, but one of the simplest is to begin by visualizing one’s thoughts as a pendulum swinging back and forth, never settling in one place for very long. The constant noise of the world, our lives and our minds make it impossible to experience stillness, and meditation slows this chaotic fluctuation of thought, sensation and feeling, eventually bringing it to a standstill.

If you would like more information regarding how meditation can help with martial arts in Charlotte, please give us a call or stop by today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and show you our facility!

3 thoughts on “Why Meditation is Important for Martial Arts in Charlotte

  1. Carl Luis Olivier

    Have you ever heard of some one learning the art of movement, In the persuite of perfect form, balance with sync to the inertia of the planet, but all blind, as in without student or Master ever having met.

    Are there forms so absolute in power that the balance of achieving understanding means you must learn but the spirit and meditation without any direct instruction other then that found while mediating?


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