Millennials Say “No” to Stress: Why Tai Chi and Meditation are Rising in Popularity

tai chiTai Chi used to have a reputation as an exercise for “old” people. A fitness routine your grandma and grandpa could do, regardless of their physical ailments. It’s long been known to improve balance and help the aging population avoid falls and remain strong and healthy.

But now. Now, Tai Chi is getting the credit it deserves as an exercise everyone “should” do. Not just an exercise everyone “can” do.

Why Now?

As the world continues to speed up, become more automated, become more digitally connected and less personally connected, stress is mounting. The generation of young people known as Millennials is actively seeking ways to reduce their stress and create a life for themselves that is balanced.

Tai Chi has been getting more media attention over the last ten years due to excellent studies by Harvard and other top institutions.

The attention has resulted in increased interest from Millennials to find the best way to manage stress and reconnect their mind, body, and spirit for improved health and wellness.

With the benefits of Tai Chi being backed by science as not only stress reducing but improving strength and flexibility – it is an easy decision to give Tai Chi classes a try.

Charlotte Tai Chi Classes

Once in class, Millennials have mentioned they enjoy additional benefits from Tai Chi such as increased patience, stronger muscles, the ability to slow down, and the ability to stop, breathe, and re-center themselves during tense situations. Having a single practice that reduces stress and is a good source of exercises is concise and effective which provides additional benefits for today’s busy schedules.

Often dubbed “Moving Meditation,” research about the benefits of Tai Chi continues worldwide. There are ongoing studies testing the benefits of Tai Chi for Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, chronic pain and more. So, while it is gaining momentum for its overall health and wellness benefits, we only see the tip of the ice burg for how Tai Chi transforms the lives of people with specific ailments.

If you’re ready to feel better, improve your health, and keep your career thriving, give The Peaceful Dragon a try today. We offer a free introductory semi-private lesson and tour of the school so you can find out for yourself what all the fuss over Tai Chi is all about. Call today: 704.504.8866

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