New Student Orientation

The following guidelines will help you get the most from your training at The Peaceful Dragon. Please try to read and study these orientation guidelines carefully before your first class.

  • As a newcomer to class simply relax, observe others and follow along as best you can. No two classes are identical, though in the tai chi and kung fu classes we do the same warm-up routine each class. This warm-up is designed to be rigorous and it may be challenging for you – simply do what you can and be patient with yourself. You’ll be amazed at your improvement as time progresses. We’ll help you modify any movements that you can’t do due to injuries or health factors.
  • Over time you will get detailed explanations of movements, techniques and theories but not necessarily on your first class. If others seem to know what they’re doing and you don’t, remember that they didn’t either at first. They’ve progressed and so will you, so relax and enjoy!
  • You may experience sore muscles, temporary fatigue or other physical discomfort as you begin training – this is normal and will soon pass. Also expect at times to feel confused by movements or exercises if they are new to you. As the weeks and months go by you will repeat everything many times and any confusion will subside.
  • Don’t expect to be able do all things as well as the next person might. Try to avoid the temptation to compare yourself with others, but rather compare yourself today with how you were yesterday. You may never do some things as well as the next person, but how you compare with others has nothing to do with your own physical, mental and spiritual development.
  • Study and follow the Class Guidelines below. And be sure to read and study your guide to Wu-de (martial code and ethics).
  • Practice whenever possible and read and study all you can about the arts you are studying. See the Suggested Reading List posted on our web site as a starting point. The more you train and study, the greater will be your progress. Don’t let outside activities interfere with your training and classes – and don’t neglect to bring the insights from your training into your outside activities.

Class Guidelines for All Peaceful Dragon Students

In order to maintain a productive, safe and pleasant training facility please follow these guidelines at all times:

  • For tai chi or kung fu classes, your full uniform must be worn to classes. Full uniform includes Peaceful Dragon tee-shirt, pants and sash with sneakers or kung fu shoes (no bare feet or street shoes!).
  • Remove watches and jewelry before class, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and similar items that can cause injuries to you or others.
  • Always notify your instructor ahead of time if you must leave early. If you must leave during class at any time for any reason (bathroom, drink, etc.) it is essential that you alert the instructor or another student first so that he or she knows what’s happened to you and that you’re okay.
  • In martial arts and tai chi classes, newer students should line up behind more experienced students to better learn from their example and as a traditional gesture of respect.

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