Welcome to The Peaceful Dragon’s Children’s Program

And congratulations on choosing to train
at one of the premier martial arts centers in the country!

What makes The Peaceful Dragon one of the top martial arts centers in the country? More than anything else, it’s our unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality. This dedication to quality can be seen in our curriculum and classes, in the design and maintenance of our beautiful facilities and grounds, and in the many other services we offer.

Martial arts classes are offered today at thousands of schools, health clubs and community centers across the country, but it is rare to find authentic lineage instruction in most of those classes. All too often students are taught watered-down movements and techniques without learning the essential principles and deeper teachings that allow students to fully develop the mind, body and spirit.

Master Eric Sbarge

Master Eric Sbarge

Our classes are overseen by Master Eric Sbarge, a full-time practitioner and teacher of martial arts who has trained for over 35 years in the martial arts, and a former school teacher and education director.

Our grounds and building, which were built by and are maintained by the volunteer efforts of our many dedicated students, reflect the quality of our curriculum. You will be hard-pressed to find a nicer or better-equipped training facility anywhere on the East Coast. The studios are large and always kept clean; our 12 acre property includes beautiful outdoor lawns to practice on; and these facilities are available for student use seven days a week.

We thank you for choosing The Peaceful Dragon for your family’s training. And again congratulations—we are confident you will see for yourself that you have chosen one of the best training centers available anywhere in the country. Please help spread the word and let your friends, co-workers and family know about us. Perhaps some of them will appreciate learning about all that The Peaceful Dragon has to offer.

May your child’s journey here be successful and of benefit for life!

An Overview of our Children’s Martial Arts Program

Age Group Divisions

Little Dragons: 4 thru 7
Young Dragons: 8 thru 12

Student Attendance and Make-up Class Policy

For all family classes, two regularly-scheduled classes are required every week.

We require that missed classes are made up at the Make-Up Class every Tuesday. The make-up class is for those students who missed one of their regularly scheduled classes from the week before. The Make-Up Class will cover the past week’s curriculum, and will count as one of the eight required classes per month. There is a sign-up book at the front counter. If you missed a class due to sickness, emergency or unavoidable reasons, you can sign-up for the Make-Up Class in the book. Note: You must sign up no later than Monday night; we need to know ahead of time who is coming and what they missed so we can get them caught up on their required curriculum.

The make-up class is not a private class to get additional instruction. Please limit it to once a month if needed. If your child or you miss more than one regular class, you will need to schedule a one-on-one private class to make up those days.

All students are required to check in at the attendance computer every class. Within two weeks of joining you should receive a scan card in the mail for this purpose. If you haven’t received yours by this time, please notify our student services coordinator, Holly Field.

Our Student Creed

I will be
honest and humble,
respectful and polite,
self-disciplined and hard working.
I will strive for excellence in my martial arts
and will only use my skills and talents to help people.
I will seek to cultivate compassion, wisdom and love
above all else.

10 Important Rules of Our School

  1. Always respond to parents and teachers with Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am, and refer to them as mister, miss or misses.
  2. Always obey your parents and teachers.
  3. Be respectful of other students at all times.
  4. Always bow when entering and leaving the training studios, or when you see your teachers.
  5. Do not run or play in the reception area with the tables, and do not touch items on the shelves without your parent’s permission.
  6. Never display your martial arts skills at school or in your neighborhood unless doing a formal demonstration.
  7. Place a copy of the Student Creed in your room and recite it every day.
  8. Practice your martial arts skills every day.
  9. Help The Peaceful Dragon grow by encouraging other good people to join our martial arts classes here.
  10. Strive for excellence in everything that you do.

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