Practice and Precision

A Message from Mr. George

It seems like some kids are naturally fast, and some kids are just slow. In martial arts we practice “fast” to show power and precision; we also practice “slow” to show balance and control. Those are naturally slower can still practice to increase their speed, but it will take time and patience.

When I first started my kung fu training, I was not fast by all means. Sifu told me to do each movement slow and smooth, before adding power and speed. Of course a new hot headed student liked myself thought, “Yeah, yeah, I can do the slow pretty good. I want to get my speed up, NOW!” Again, Sifu told me to slow down and look for perfection in my movements before power and speed. If I shoot ten arrows down range at the target as fast as I can draw the bow without any of the arrows even hitting the target, am I a good archer? What if I take my time and slowly but accurately put all ten arrows on the bulls-eye, am I a good archer?

To reach to your full potential in speed and power, you must practice each movement smoothly. Smooth movement will increase in speed, and speed equals power! Keep up the training!!

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