Reduce Stress, Improve Health at Home with Yoga and Tai Chi

In these stressful and uncertain times, everyone is searching for their own ways to decompress – mind, body, and spirit.  Even though we cannot currently participate in our martial arts classes in person, there are ways for us to all remain healthier while safely at home.

Even if you have never practiced yoga or tai chi, there has never been a better time to begin.  If you are finding that being at home most of your day, every day, is making you feel on edge, both of these practices can help you re-center.  Many of us typically have our own “unwind” routines each day, usually practiced after a full day of work, errands, and childcare.  Now that our daily routines have been interrupted, so too, have many of our decompression routines.

yoga and tai chi for stress reduction

Reduce stress, become healthier with yoga and tai chi.

Both practices come with similar health benefits.  When practicing tai chi and yoga, we can expect increased mobility, improved strength, and even chronic pain reduction for some.  What you will also undoubtedly find, is that both practices will lower your stress levels and improve your overall health and well-being.  How?

  • Yoga lowers your production of stress hormones – chronic stress, namely the consistent over-production of cortisol, can impede your immune response, and suppress your digestive and reproductive systems, per a study by Mayo Clinic
  • Tai chi and yoga both bolster your circulatory system, delivering oxygenated blood to your organs for better function
  • Tai chi has been found to increase T cells and antigen-presenting cells in your immune system for stronger immunity
  • Yoga stimulates your lymphatic system to rid your body of toxins – a healthy lymphatic system is also responsible for transporting white blood cells throughout your body
  • Both tai chi and yoga can help you focus on “here and now” and ignore stressors in the outside world – leaving your feeling spiritually and emotionally improved
  • Both practices can indirectly improve your immune health by helping you obtain longer, more restful sleep, essential for optimum production of infection-fighting antibodies

In all the busyness of life and with all the worries outside our doors, self-care is absolutely essential.  Perhaps in times like these, practices in self-care are even more essential.  For those of us, who are providers and caregivers in our own homes, we must not hesitate to also care for ourselves.  Take time to practice yoga, tai chi, or a few moments of daily meditation.  You will be happier and healthier for it.

Are you ready to explore improved health and well-being by practicing tai chi and yoga at our martial arts school?  Start today with a free semi-private introductory martial arts lesson and studio tour.  Call to schedule. 704-504-8866

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