Searching for Happiness

By Master Eric Sbarge

The Chinese have a saying, “The height of stupidity is to search for the donkey that you’re riding on.”

You’re of course too smart for them to be talking about you. But have you ever found yourself searching for happiness? If happiness had big ears, it just might be the donkey you’re riding on.

You can travel around the world searching for happiness, but it’s not listed on any map or navigation system. And that’s because there is no place to go to find happiness.

Lots of people are stuck wallowing in misery or unhappiness, but they’re standing right next to people and doing the exact same things as people who are joyful and very happy. It’s really not about going other places or doing other things – happiness has to be found right where you are, and within yourself.

Why are some people seemingly always happy regardless of place or circumstance? Awareness, and attitude. Be aware of the potential beauty and happiness that surrounds you at every place, in every moment. Have an attitude of appreciation for that beauty that is always there.

Like discovering you are already on the donkey, when you discover you already have all the ingredients for happiness within you then you can stop searching, and enjoy the ride.

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