Should I Wait to Start Tai Chi Until My Injury Heals?

No matter what your age or fitness level, injuries during athletics and physical activities are a reality. Severe or minor, recovering from an injury can become a long and boring process, as your previous active lifestyle has you itching to get moving again.

Often, downtime during healing leads to an idea to try new activities to meet fitness goals with less impact on joints and our skeletal structure. This is a great time to consider Tai Chi. And depending on the severity of your injury, there is a good chance you don’t have to wait. Tai Chi is a fantastic activity for rehabilitation.

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

Many active people will join Tai Chi or Yoga when recuperating from an injury for the low-impact benefits of getting moving again. There are many health benefits of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is particularly good for increasing balance, strengthening the core and all of the small muscles keeping you upright and increasing flexibility.

With a focus on breathing throughout – Tai Chi can also improve your mind’s ability to deal with the mental struggles that accompany overcoming an athletic injury.

Charlotte Tai Chi for Injury Prevention

Don’t wait until you are injured to start practicing Tai Chi!

Tai Chi is a great standalone activity and is also a great addition to any exercise regimen. With the strength and flexibility achieved in Tai Chi, you can even consider it as an injury prevention exercise.

While we urge all athletes to take part in Tai Chi, it is particularly beneficial to those who are involved in high-impact activities such as running, cross-fit, and contact sports. By adding different activities that involve different muscles that will get strengthened and lengthened over time, you can improve your performance and lower your risks for pulls and strains.

If you’re interested in starting a Charlotte Tai Chi class, we urge you to choose The Peaceful Dragon. With your membership, you could try Yoga, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu to find the right activity or combination thereof to suit your desire and schedule. Call today to schedule your Free Introductory Class and Tour. 704-504-8866

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