Signs that you’re READY for training at The Yoga Institute at The Peaceful Dragon Charlotte!

YogaDo you love yoga so much that you’ve considered becoming an instructor? Do you want to strengthen your practice on a physical, intellectual and emotional level? Have you been considering applying for teacher training at the The Yoga Institute at The Peaceful Dragon Charlotte for some time now, but just feel that you’re “not ready yet”? You may be more ready than you think!

Following are some signs that 2017 might just be the right time!

You’re Curious about What “Yoga” Really Means. If you’ve been having the desire to dig deeper into the world of yoga philosophy, then a yoga teacher training is the place for you. And if you’ve been wanting to live a more peaceful and mindful life, a teacher training can help provide you with the tools to do so.

You Want to Share Your Passion for Yoga. You recognize all the benefits it’s brought into your life, and it’s brought you a lot of health and happiness, and you’re eager to stay on the path, learn more, and perhaps share the teachings of yoga with students of your own.

You Love to Learn. Perhaps you’re interested in philosophical discussions. Or you’d love to learn about the mechanics of the body and how the different parts work together in a specific yoga pose. Whatever you’re interested in, a teacher training at the The Yoga Institute at The Peaceful Dragon Charlotte will impart a wealth of knowledge to you!

You’ve Been Waiting for the “Right Time”. There’s no better time to begin a teacher training than when it feels right to you. We never regret the things we’ve done in life, only the things we never did.

You Meditate or Want to Learn How To. You don’t have to already have a meditation practice to participate in a yoga teacher training. You will learn how to meditate during the training, and eventually, it will become a new habit that will quickly become a part of your daily routine.

You Want to Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People. At The Yoga Institute at The Peaceful Dragon Charlotte you’ll meet people who are as equally motivated as you to learn more about yoga and they will provide you with more inspiration than you could have ever imagined.

You’re Up for a Challenge. You’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, both physically and emotionally to embrace new ideas and try new things. A yoga teacher training will challenge you in every good way possible.

You’re Ready for a Change in Your Life. If you’ve been feeling like there’s something “bigger” out there, if you’ve been wanting to dig deeper into yourself, if you’re ready to make changes in your life, a yoga teacher training is for you.

If this sounds like you, 2017 might just be the right time to enroll at the The Yoga Institute at The Peaceful Dragon Charlotte. World-renowned yoga Andrey Lappa will be leading intensive teacher trainings this summer and fall, in addition to others that may be added to our schedule. Start on your way to a better life today and fulfill your dreams – call us today for more information.

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