Staying Focused and Motivated Training at The Peaceful Dragon

By: Don Kodzai

Growing up I was always playing some kind of sport. I loved competition and loved to win. Soccer was the sport I enjoyed the most. I played for my high school and also in college when I came to America. In team sports, it’s win at all cost. That’s cool when you are young and in shape and can run like the wind. When I got older, I needed different challenges. Things I could do without competing against someone, but things that would improve my physical fitness and take away some of the stress we all have to deal with in life. The Peaceful Dragon sounded like a good place to start my new journey.

Five years ago, I embarked on my journey to improve fitness and overall well-being by studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi. There is no pressure involved with my training and I have noticed a significant improvement in my fitness and state of mind. This new journey is personal and at my own pace. We all have embarked on personal journeys by training at The Peaceful Dragon. Some of us have similar goals, but we will reach them at different times. We are not all the same in our physical fitness. Some of us have physical limitations and ailments that affect the way we train. In other words, don’t get distracted by someone else’s journey; focus on your own and do the best you can. We can draw inspiration from others and get motivation and encouragement from others, but in the end it is up to each one of us to travel their journey. Every day we show up, we are getting closer to the goal we have set for ourselves. I can tell a big difference in my physical condition compared to five years ago. The instructors have helped me stay focused and have helped me to persevere through some of the tough days of training. So as we travel on our journeys, make realistic goals that you can reach at your own pace. Your pace is the right pace, just keep on training. The things that we learn here, we can practice for the rest of our lives. We can always s train as long as we are focused and motivated.

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