Summer Practice Routines

A Message from Mr. George

Summer break is officially here. I hope everyone enjoys the warm weather. Part of our martial arts training is to have a regular practice routine. For example, our Brown Sash student Brandon enjoys his Xbox games first thing in the morning before anything else. So Brandon’s mom gave him a “200 punches and 20 push-ups” practice required before the Xbox can be turned on. Good job Brandon and good job mom!

As a kung fu instructor, I can only influence the kids during the class time here, and hope the “effects” from the class carry over to the young students’ everyday lives. The parents’ part is just as important as the martial arts lesson: Making sure the kids are doing their home practice, keeping their rooms clean and showing good character all the time.

I look forward to see everyone receiving his or her Jr. Black Sash soon! Keep up the hard work!

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