The Benefits of Martial Arts Classes for ADHD and Hyperactivity

Martial Arts for ADHDMartial Arts are an ancient practice. While many consider it a form of self-defense or fighting, today’s martial artists often practice it to build and maintain health and wellness. Martial arts increases physical strength and flexibility while improving mental and emotional health.

Many of our parents enroll their children in martial arts classes for the myriad of non-physical benefits. Martial arts practice can increase confidence, improve self-control, and lengthen attention spans. While these skills benefit everyone, they are especially beneficial to children with ADHD and hyperactivity.

It can be hard for children with ADHD to find an extracurricular activity that is right for them – which can leave them feeling excluded and full of energy. Martial arts are accessible to everyone. No matter your coordination, strength, or stamina, martial arts focuses on individual growth and goal setting so anyone can jump in and get started.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for ADHD

Martial arts classes offer many opportunities for children with ADHD to find their niche. Here are a few reasons why children’s martial arts classes are a good choice for kids with attention issues:

An accepting, supportive, communal environment.

Our studio offers a supportive, friendly community built on mutual respect. Your child will always feel welcome, supported, and encouraged.

A safe outlet for expending excess energy.

Exercise is a great way to use extra energy and release built-up tension. Kicking and punching can be specifically helpful in releasing excess energy for a child who has been maintaining the required behavior for school all day long. And with pads and proper guidance, safety is fully maintained.

Structure and clear expectations.

The rules in martial arts class are built around tradition, clearly outlined, and constantly reinforced. We emphasize good behavior in and out of class and use positive reinforcement for achieving and maintaining structure in the classroom.

Clear, individual, attainable goals.

Kids work at their own pace in martial arts class. They are not trying to live up to any specific standard that might be placed on others. There is no superstar in class. Each child is supported and motivated to reach his/her full potential. As they attain the next color sash through hard work and determination, they build confidence and self-esteem to last a lifetime.

Focus on individual growth.

Martial arts is not a team sport. The pressure that kids can feel from competing with others can be too much, and that is where martial arts is different. Your child will get a great physical workout and enjoy the social benefits of the classroom setting, all while avoiding the pressures of a team.

Build self-control, lengthen focus, and improve concentration.

Ready stance. With a simple command by the instructor, children are brought back to center and are ready to focus on the task at hand. Martial arts classes, by nature, require and teach self-discipline and control. Instructors are well versed in peacefully maintaining that focus with routines, tradition, structure, and kindness.

Improved coordination.

Muscle memory is an important part of martial arts. Deliberate and repetitive movements improve children’s motor skills, coordination, and balance.

Have Fun!

Martial arts classes are fun. Fun is a key feature in keeping children with ADHD engaged and willing to participate. We always keep it fun, even when we are working hard and staying focused.

If you think your child could benefit from martial arts classes in Charlotte, call today 704-504-8866 to schedule a FREE introductory class. This trial class will help you meet instructors, understand the atmosphere and community and see if children’s martial arts class at The Peaceful Dragon is right for your child.

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