Wanting something, and being willing to do what’s required to attain it, are two different things.

By Master Eric Sbarge

If I ask, “Who wants good health, a clear and focused mind, a positive attitude, and a productive and peaceful lifestyle?” everyone’s hand goes up. But if I then ask who is willing to significantly change their eating habits, organize time in their day to meditate and exercise, cut ties with the negative or nonproductive people in their lives, eliminate vices and poor habits, ensure a good night’s sleep every night… suddenly those same hands start falling.

Karma can be summed up in its simplest terms as “cause and effect.” The choices you make and the actions you take create an outcome. If you want a positive outcome but you aren’t willing to take the positive steps needed to ensure that outcome, you will forever be disappointed.

Some people blame others for their disappointments. It’s not my fault I’m too fat, my husband always cooks fattening foods. It’s not my fault I’m always angry, my children refuse to behave. It’s not my fault I’m in debt, my boss won’t give me a raise.

We have to take full responsibility for ourselves if we’re going to correct our thinking and therefore correct our actions that are essential for success.

If we correct our thinking and actions, does that ensure the results we are hoping for? Nothing is for sure in life. Sometimes we face legitimate obstacles, or draw a bad hand of cards. But that’s not usually the case. If you put good gas in your car and press the start button, odds are it will start even if it’s not the best car in the world. If you fail to add gas, or worse yet refuse to press the start button, you absolutely ensure that it will never start.

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