Welcome to The Peaceful Dragon’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu Programs

And congratulations on choosing to train
in one of the premier martial arts programs in the country!

What makes The Peaceful Dragon one of the top martial arts programs in the country? More than anything else, it’s our unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality. This dedication to quality can be seen in our curriculum and classes.

Our classes are overseen by Master Eric Sbarge, a full-time practitioner and teacher of martial arts, yoga, qigong and meditation who has trained for over 45 years with many internationally-acclaimed teachers and masters.

Master Eric Sbarge

Master Eric Sbarge

We thank you for choosing The Peaceful Dragon for your training. And again congratulations! We are confident you will see for yourself that you have chosen to train in one of the best programs available anywhere in the country. Please help spread the word and let your friends, co-workers and family know about us. Perhaps some of them will appreciate learning about all that The Peaceful Dragon has to offer.

May your journey here be successful and of benefit for life!

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