Wellness and Weight Loss for Life at The Peaceful Dragon Martial Arts and Yoga School

Tired of the treadmill?

Have you been on the annual regimen of making weight loss your New Year’s Resolution for as long as you can remember? Are you feeling discouraged when year-after-year you don’t see the results you want, or can’t maintain the progress you make? We’d like to offer you a fresh idea.

Searching for the best martial arts and yoga in Charlotte?

A membership at the Peaceful Dragon can help you change your lifestyle to meet weight-loss goals, gain health and wellness, and enjoy long-term benefits of reduced stress and good health.

And couldn’t we all use that after holiday indulgences?

What You Can Expect at The Peaceful Dragon – Charlotte Yoga, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Meditation

With a membership to the Peaceful Dragon – you’ll enjoy the ability to take part in all of our programs. Choose from Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation. All four disciplines can help you lose weight and reduce stress for long-term health and wellness. And when you combine more than one – the results are amplified.

By offering classes in four related disciplines as well as training space you can use anytime you’d like, we keep it fun, exciting and engaging to keep you committed.

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Your instructors and classmates will hold you accountable for staying on track and making a habit of coming to class as often as possible. This encouragement will go a long way in keeping you focused on your goals for a healthy life long beyond when your ambition and motivation are at their peak.

Healthy Living Outside of the Studio

All of our classes promote healthy habits outside of class. From our highly-trained instructors to your classmates, healthy living permeates through our studio. You’ll pick up tips about healthy eating, lowering stress, gaining balance between work and your personal life, and positive encouragement for investing time and energy in self-care.

You’ll also feel encouraged to give up vices and bad habits that are holding back your progress towards weight loss and healthy living.

How to Lose Weight with Charlotte Martial Arts and Tai Chi

Our regularly scheduled martial arts, yoga, and medication classes are complemented with seminars on building a healthy lifestyle. These classes, discussions, and lectures are free to all members and are sure to help you sort the myths from the facts when it comes to healthy eating and living.

We organize special off-campus retreats such as a meditation retreat and a trip to China, where our members can partake in a special educational and immersive getaway. And if you are so inclined, we encourage you to compete in tournaments around the country to show your skills and connect with other like-minded martial arts students.

Try something new for your 2019 weight loss resolution. For effective, long-term weight loss, join The Peaceful Dragon today. Take advantage of ALL of our classes with a single membership and become part of a community who values mind and body wellness. Start now with a free introductory class and tour. 704-504-8866

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