What Are the Best Meditation Apps?

It is not going to be a surprise to most of you when we say we don’t have a very tight grip on the latest trends in phone app usage. We purposefully try to spend less time in front of screens and more time being present in our world.

That being said, we are not unaware or unappreciative of the tools and convenience provided by many technological advances in smartphones today. One of those very cool things are Meditation apps. Phone apps that help you meditate! With a large portion of the population looking for convenient ways to better manage stress, we understand why these apps are gaining popularity. And hey, anything that encourages meditation practice is alright with us.

Being as we are well practiced in meditation, we will not be the ones judging the quality of the best meditation apps. Since they are built to help teach meditation as well as guide meditation, it is important that we use good hard data to give you a head start on finding a meditation app you like!

If you haven’t tried a meditation app yet, but are interested, these are the top three you should try first. (Based on top grossing meditation app downloads so far this year.)

  • Calm

  • Headspace

  • 10% Happier

Simply go to your App Store or Google Play store and download the app to give it a try. Let us know which one you land on and what you think of the ones you didn’t like.

For in-person meditation guidance, we encourage you to give the Peaceful Dragon a try. We offer a FREE introductory tour, orientation, and class so you can try before you buy! Call today or sign up here. 704-504-8866

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