See All That’s Included in Our Family Martial Arts Program

Your family will enjoy a number of benefits and special services that go far beyond just the great classes we teach.

Ongoing Character Building Lessons

Your child will receive Character Building lessons that encourage active parental involvement in your child’s development. Topics include:

  • Practice
  • Kindness
  • Reading

A Carefully Developed Curriculum

Your child will follow a carefully thought out curriculum that leads all the way to the Black Sash level. We’d be delighted to show you exactly how we will help your child develop the mental, physical and emotional skills needed to advance all the way from novice White Sash up to advanced Black Sash!

Boys and girls who earn their Black Sash stand head and shoulders above their peers when it comes to confidence, self-esteem, success skills, leadership skills and a positive view of themselves and the world around them. (And frankly, so do the parents who train along side their children.)

Think how important that confidence and positive self-image are for kids to be able to Say No to the negative peer pressures they face every day, and Yes to the positive challenges that lead to success in life. Martial arts really can change your child’s life forever!

Our Student Creed

I will be
honest and humble,
respectful and polite,
self-disciplined and hard working.
I will strive for excellence in my martial arts
and will only use my skills and talents to help people.
I will seek to cultivate compassion, wisdom and love
above all else.

kidlionStudents in our Kids and Family Program enjoy all of the following:

  • Exciting and fun classes with our skilled professional instructors
  • Private tutoring classes available to give your child the extra attention he or she might need
  • FREE use of studios and all training equipment for practice 7 days a week
  • FREE monthly newsletter
  • FREE testing for colored sash (belt) promotions
  • Pro shop for any martial arts supplies you might need
  • Special social activities including Parents’ Night Out parties—even a sponsored trip to China!
  • Huge student discounts on fun and exciting martial arts birthday parties

As students progress we offer advanced Mastery Programs where students enjoy additional intensive training in Chinese Lion Dancing, Demo Team, Leadership Skills, Success Principles and Strategies, and much more.

Our training facilities are unsurpassed in the Carolinas

When you come in to visit us I think you’ll agree that The Peaceful Dragon’s facilities are among the most beautiful and complete of any school in the Carolinas—or in the nation for that matter.

outdoorsideLocated on 12 wooded acres, our 10,000-square-foot custom designed school has everything you or your child need to excel in martial arts training. Four clean and spacious studios with hardwood floors and mats ensure plenty of healthy and safe space for classes, including a state-of-the-art equipment room and training room.

As a parent you are always welcome and encouraged to join the classes with your child. Even if you choose not to participate you can sit right inside the studios and carefully observe your child’s class. Or you can relax in our large common area with full viewing windows that allow you to watch your child’s progress.

Our outdoor grounds include gardens and training areas complete with a large back yard where we often hold classes outdoors in nice weather.

How we compare to other schools:

  • Size: The Peaceful Dragon is in the top 1% of martial arts schools in terms of physical size of the facility and property.
  • Amenities: The Peaceful Dragon is in the top 1% of schools in terms of available equipment and training facilities.
  • Experience: The Peaceful Dragon is in the top 1% in terms of the collective number of years of experience of the instructors.
  • Enrollment: The Peaceful Dragon is in the top 1% in terms of number of active students.
  • Longevity: We have been open since 1997—in an industry where fewer than 5% of martial schools ever make it past five-years.
  • Stability: The Peaceful Dragon is in the top 1% in terms of revenues, which helps ensure that we will be here for many, many more years to come.
  • Value: Even though we are in the top 1% of schools in each of the above important categories, our average per-student annual cost falls somewhere in the 20th-40th percentile. And we offer our students much more than just classes: You get ongoing lectures, workshops, roundtable discussion groups, social events, special seminars, and much more.
  • Popularity: Our average annual retention rate is more than double (and closer to triple) the standard for martial arts schools, meaning our students are two to three times more satisfied training here than are students at most other schools.
  • Competition Results: Our students who choose to compete in forms, fighting and weapons at regional and national tournaments are consistently in the top 10% of medal winners.
  • Advanced Ranks: The Peaceful Dragon is in the top 1% of schools both in terms of total number of students and percentage of students training past intermediate and into advanced levels. We have dozens of active students who have trained more than ten years, and more than 50 active students who have trained longer than five years.
  • Authentic Chinese Curriculum: The Peaceful Dragon is among the less than 1% of schools that offer the life-changing benefits of training in traditional and authentic Ch’an (Zen), Shaolin Yoga, Tai Chi and Shaolin kung fu. Shaolin was selected as the number one martial arts style in the world on a popular Discovery Channel documentary, and is recognized as the “granddaddy” of East Asian martial arts styles.
  • True Value: The Peaceful Dragon is among the less than 1% that offer the life-changing benefits of authentic Ch’an and Shaolin kung fu: the style that was selected as the number one martial arts style in the world recently on a popular Discovery Channel documentary.

   “Eryn has lost weight, is more toned and gets a good aerobic workout in her classes. She is more diligent, determined, and more responsible for scheduling.
“The teachers here are very encouraging, and they teach so you can learn at your own pace. The parents and students that come to The Peaceful Dragon are friendly, encouraging and have varied interests.”
— Becky and Larry, parents of Eryn Thompson, 15, Charlotte, NC

Macie is like a flower that’s bloomed. A year ago she was shy and uncomfortable with herself, now she has more confidence at school as well at the Peaceful Dragon. Macie used to fear most new experiences, yet, only after one year, she is trying new foods, going on amusement rides, sliding down banisters and
“Macie is no longer afraid to speak up for herself and her beliefs. Her strength is the biggest change I see in her behavior. She stood alone defending the value of studying in a class debate. She was horrified, but still defended her position.
“The teachers here are full of encouragement, understated strength, friendliness and self confidence. The strong emphasis on basics and high expectations is great for the kids. Macie is beginning to believe that she can teach her body coordination. She likes feeling accepted and part of a family atmosphere.
“People come to The Peaceful Dragon, not to kick and punch only, but for the philosophy, serenity and self discipline. We are all friends here and it feels good even to the parents. No parent or student could go wrong with The Peaceful Dragon’s ethics. Many schools talk the talk, but The Peaceful Dragon walks the walk.”
—Leslie and Rick, parents of Macie Imholt, 11 Matthews, NC

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When your child or family enrolls in our program, he or she will be training as part of a highly-motivated and dedicated group of children.

We don’t accept students who aren’t dedicated, motivated and enthused about martial arts training.

Martial arts is a full-time, family-owned business for us. We could easily take in much more revenue if we accepted any student who walked in off the street. Most martial arts schools do just that: They’ll take anyone’s money.

We carefully screen every application, and do our best to weed out the non-serious students and families. Why? Because your child can’t reach his or her full potential without the support and example of other highly dedicated students.

I understand that The Peaceful Dragon can’t be the right school for everyone

It’s possible that we are not the kind of martial arts school that some parents are seeking for their child. We’re not a babysitting service, nor do we give away Black Sashes to anyone who pays tuition. Your child will have to work hard at real martial arts training in our classes, and must develop the physical, mental and emotional qualities that a skilled martial artist is known for to be promoted to Black Sash level.

We are a top quality, full-time school offering authentic martial arts at a great value. We are competitively priced with other quality full-time martial arts schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been teaching martial arts for a long time, and I hear many of the same questions from parents. Here are the some of the most common:

Can martial arts turn my child into a bully?
No. Martial arts training will do just the opposite. Children are taught respect, tolerance, harmony and compassion. The use of physical force is always reserved as a last resort, and only for self-defense.

My child has special needs. Can your program help?
We have students with ADHD, mild autism, physical disabilities, and other challenges. Martial arts is one of the best activities for children with challenges.

One of my favorite success stories concerns a boy with autism who came to us a few years ago. He acted out at home and at school, getting extremely angry and hitting other children. His parents were in despair. It might seem paradoxical that a child with hitting problems could find the answer in martial arts, but he did. He learned that if he couldn’t control his impulses he couldn’t attend the classes he clearly loved. The staff worked closely with him and his parents and we’re all delighted to see how much he’s progressed. In fact, he recently completed college!

My child has tried other activities like music and sports teams, but always quits after a short period. What happens if my child wants to quit martial arts?
We understand the psychology of children, and we use scientifically proven methods to motivate children that many educators and coaches are not aware of.

Usually children want to quit an activity because of one of four reasons:
1. They find it is too hard early on and they become discouraged and intimidated.
2. They find it is too easy and lacks challenges, leading to boredom.
3. Something negative happens with a classmate or the instructor and the student prefers to avoid the class rather than resolve the issue.
4. They fail to get encouragement and participation from both the instructor and the parent.

With our program, kids get tons of encouragement and feedback, and they really have a blast in the classes. In fact, while the average retention rate for sports teams and other activities is under 10%, almost 80% of our students choose to renew!

Is your school’s emphasis on competition and winning trophies, or is it on the development of my child?
Your child’s development always comes first. And unlike with most sports teams, there are no bench warmers sitting on the sidelines. Every student participates fully in every class. For those students who wish to compete at tournaments, we offer comprehensive training for all major divisions. Our students consistently finish among the top medal winners at every major regional and national tournament we attend.

   “She has become incredibly respectful towards people. The instructors here are firm but respectful of each child’s needs. I feel very much a part of the community at The Peaceful Dragon.”
— Jenny Kearney, mother of Olivia, 7, Charlotte

“Everyone here is friendly and encouraging. People seem always willing to assist and share what they have learned with others. No one is too competitive. The instructors are patient and they teach at a level that makes learning fun.
“Arren tends to think more about what he is doing and is willing to try new things. His coordination and confidence have really improved.”
—Elaine and Paul, parents of Arren Sevigny, Charlotte

“The most positive qualities of the instructors are that they are very friendly and it is important to them how the children not only learn the martial arts but their school work as well. The Peaceful Dragon is a great place for a child to learn.
—Angelica Figueroa, mother of Gabriel, 11

Call 704-504-8866 or Click Here to Apply for a
FREE Introductory Tour, Orientation and Two Lessons!